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The Murder of Danick Adams


Danick Adams had a lot to look forward to during the summer of 2008. At just 18-years-old, the young girl had two jobs and was also raising a two-year-old daughter. Danick was also working to obtain her G.E.D. According to her loved ones, she hoped to eventually become a teacher or a psychologist. Danick was ready to build her future not only for herself, but for her daughter as well. Unfortunately, all of that was robbed from Danick on August 15th, 2008, when she was tragically shot to death. 

Danick was killed while leaving an Ultimate Fitness in her hometown of Jacksonville, Arkansas. She was quite familiar with the fitness center, as it was owned by her grandfather, and she also worked part-time in the center's daycare. It was shortly after midnight on August 15th when Danick went to the Ultimate Fitness with her friend Princess. As the girls walked out of the building a short time later, they were approached by a masked gunman. The man reportedly demanded that they give him their cell phones and money. 

According to Princess, Danick refused to follow his orders. The gunman then took off his mask, revealing his face, before shooting Danick multiple times. Princess ran to a nearby home to call authorities, while the gunman stole Danick's car keys and fled in her vehicle. 

Authorities immediately began their search for Danick's killer. Just hours after the shooting occurred, a man driving Danick's car returned to the crime scene and drove past. Police began to pursue the vehicle, but when the driver pulled over, he exited the car and was able to escape on foot. A female passenger reportedly remained in the car. She told police that she did not know the man, and he had picked her up just moments earlier. 

Danick's killer has never been found. Many years have passed, and her loved ones are still left with more questions than answers. There are several moving pieces in this case, all of which could play a role in finding Danick's killer.


Before the shooting. 

As police began to investigate Danick's murder, they pieced together a timeline of events leading up to the moment she got shot. It was soon learned that August 14th, 2008, began as a seemingly normal day. Danick dropped her daughter off with her ex-boyfriend/the child's father. Then, she met up with a friend for lunch at Taco Bell.

Danick later spoke with her mother on the phone around 10:30 PM. During their phone call, Danick told her mother she was now with a different friend - Princess. The two girls planned to go to the Ultimate Fitness - which was open 24/7 - so they could use the tanning beds and put on make-up. 

It's known that Danick and Princess made it to the fitness center as planned. Unfortunately, Danick would not leave the fitness center alive. 

Princess' version of events.

There are inevitable questions about Princess' recollection of events. Both investigators and Danick's mother have stated that they found it odd that the gunman revealed his face to Danick and Princess before firing his gun. In 2020, a detective was quoted telling Dateline, "It’s just strange, because I think if you had just shown your face to someone you’re about to kill, I wouldn’t think you’d want to leave a witness."

Many have also found it odd that Princess said that the gunman was wearing a ski mask. It was incredibly hot and humid during this time of year in Arkansas, and detectives think it is unlikely that a shooter would conceal their face with such an item. 

Investigators have never stated that they have any evidence to disprove Princess' version of events. However, it appears that Princess implied that Danick was killed because she refused to give her cell phone and money to the gunman. Investigators do not believe the motive of Danick's death was robbery. In fact, they believe that Danick was targeted and that it's possible more than one person is involved in her death. 

Danick's car and phone.

As previously stated, the gunman fled the scene of the crime in Danick's vehicle. Hours later, though, the same vehicle was driven past the scene of the crime yet again. Police were never able to capture the driver of the car, nor have they ever confirmed that they believe the driver is the killer. While it is entirely possible, investigators have also acknowledged that the killer could've traded the car or abandoned it after fleeing the scene. 

Police questioned the female passenger who was also in the vehicle, but she maintained that she had only just met the driver who fled. According to detectives, the female passenger has been cooperative with the investigation. While her potential involvement has not yet been ruled out, it does not appear that she is a current person of interest. 

Investigators also later found Danick's phone in the possession of a man. He said that another man had sold him the phone for five dollars. It appears that the killer dumped the phone on someone else very shortly after the murder. 

Potential motives.

With the available information, a motive for Danick's motive remains unclear. Though investigators believe she was targeted, they have not revealed why. Danick's ex-boyfriend has a solid alibi, as he was with their daughter at the time of the shooting. Princess told police that Danick was shot during a robbery, but investigators are unsure. 

According to Danick's mother, Princess and Danick had only recently begun hanging out before Danick was killed. The two reportedly met years earlier and had recently reconnected. Though Princess' version of events has brought on a few questions, she has never been charged with anything related to Danick's murder, nor has she ever been publicly labeled as a suspect. 

Still searching for answers.

As of today, Danick's murder remains unsolved. There is a monetary reward available for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest. If you have any important information, please contact authorities at 501-533-6477.
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