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The Disappearance of Jessica Delgadillo


Jessica Delgadillo vanished on October 19th, 2011. The young girl was only 14 years old at the time of her disappearance. Jessica was last seen leaving her family's home in Amarillo, Texas to walk to Palo Duro High School - but she never arrived. Jessica never returned home either, and she has never been seen or heard from again. 

Jessica's disappearance was initially classified as a runaway case, even though she did not take any money or additional clothing/items with her when she left her home. Prior to vanishing, Jessica did not have a history of running away or leaving home without permission. Police were unable to find any evidence that she planned to leave. It is unclear what, exactly, caused Jessica to be labeled as a runaway - but she was eventually reclassified as an endangered missing person.

About six months after Jessica was reported missing, police appealed to the public for leads in the case. Amarillo police Sgt. Brent Barbee told reporters that they still believed Jessica was missing voluntarily, but they were concerned about the fact that they had no additional information. In many runaway teen cases, the teen either returns after a few days, or the family/friends/police hear rumors about the teen's whereabouts. Sgt. Barbee is quoted in an article saying, "the main difference [in Jessica's case] is she's been gone for six months, and we haven't received any new information on her."

After that, several years passed since that report, and Jessica remained missing. Various other reports stated that Jessica may still be in the local area, or she may have traveled to Lubbock or Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Police reportedly heard that information from Jessica's family - but it is unclear where that information came from, as she does not have any relatives or friends in either area. Jessica does have relatives in Mexico, but it is unknown if there is any evidence that she traveled there. 

In 2023, 13 years after her disappearance, the Amarillo Police Department's missing persons unit got a found call from a woman who identified herself as Jessica Delgadillo. She said she knew she had been reported missing. DNA later confirmed that the woman was, in fact, Jessica Delgadillo. 

Upon Jessica's request, the details of her disappearance and her current location have not been disclosed. 

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