Sunday, August 14, 2022

Today in True Crime: August 14, 2022

It's the 11 year anniversary of two different cases - one is a missing persons' case, the other is a murder. Unfortunately, both cases remain unsolved.

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Julius 'TaDarius' Jones vanished at the age of 26 on August 14th, 2011. He lived in Meridian, Mississippi at the time of his disappearance. TaDarius' loved ones last saw him on the evening he went missing. He ate dinner with his family, went out afterwards, then never returned home. TaDarius has never been seen or heard from again.

Two days after he was last seen, TaDarius' car was found parked near an abandoned home on 27th Street. There was no sign of TaDarius at the scene and no additional clues were found. His case went cold quickly. On February 19th, 2019, TaDarius was declared legally dead. 

Over the years, several leads have been chased, but no suspects or persons of interest have been publicly named. There is a lot of online speculation about what happened, but no arrests have been made. TaDarius remains missing.

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My thoughts on this case...

Definitely another case where investigators have a lot more information than disclosed. Not sure if they have a legitimate suspect or not, but I would bet money that police have an idea of what happened...especially since they declared TaDarius dead without a body.

TaDarius' mother said she did not know that her son had been declared dead for almost 3 years. If investigators did not bother to let TaDarius' own mother know about this, I highly doubt they will share any information with the public anytime soon... unless they finally make an arrest. I hope that this happens soon, and that TaDarius' family gets the answers they deserve.

Case # 2-

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Katelyn Markham vanished in Fairfield, Ohio on August 14th, 2011. The then-22-year-old was last seen alive was last seen at her condo in Fairfield. Nearly two years later, Katelyn's remains were found at Big Cedar Creek in Cedar Grove, Indiana. Her death was labeled a homicide, but investigators were never able to determine her exact cause of death.

Several people have been investigated in Katelyn's case, including her fiancĂ© John Carter. John was the last person to have seen Katelyn before her disappearance, and his alibi had a few inconsistencies. However, he's been investigated extensively and he has never been charged with anything related to Katelyn's death.

Others have been investigated too...but no arrests have ever been made. Katelyn's family members have not given up on solving her case.

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My thoughts on this case...

I think this was a pretty high-profile disappearance when it first happened. It's really sad that she was found dead and they still don't have any suspects. Like all unsolved cases, I really hope Katelyn and her family members find justice.

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