Thursday, August 11, 2022

Today in True Crime: August 11, 2022


Kayla Berg disappeared 13 years ago today. The then-15-year-old was living in Antigo, Wisconsin at the time of her disappearance. Kayla was last seen by a man named Kevin Kielcheski, a friend of her brother, who was 24 at the time. Kevin would often drive Kayla and her friends around town. On the evening of her disappearance, Kevin picked Kayla up from her grandmother's house around 8:45 PM.

By Kevin's account, the two drove around Antigo and smoked marijuana for a bit. Shortly after 9:30 PM, Kayla asked Kevin to drive her to her boyfriend Miguel's house in Wausau. Kevin agreed, and the two of the made the 40-minute drive to the area. Kevin claims that he dropped her off around 10:30 PM and then went home. Kayla has never been seen or heard from again.

Both Kevin and Miguel have been considered persons of interest in the case - but both have vehemently denied being involved in Kayla's disappearance. In October 2009, Kevin was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment due to the fact that he had smoked marijuana with Kayla in the car. However, those charges were later dropped. Since then, neither Kevin nor Miguel have been charged with anything related to Kayla's disappearance.  It seems that the case has gone cold. 

My thoughts on this case...

Really sad that this case hasn't been solved yet. I've seen online that people in the area mostly believe that Kevin Kielcheski is involved in some way... whether he killed Kayla or disposed of her body after an overdose; people think he know what happened. He's definitely suspicious, but I also find the boyfriend Miguel to be suspicious too. 

One of Miguel's old phones pinged off a tower 40 miles away from his home on the night of Kayla's disappearance. He told police he was at home all night, and phone records from his NEW cell phone corroborated this. But did he leave that phone at home to establish and alibi? Did he bring the old phone as a backup in case he needed to get in contact with someone?

It's totally possible that the phone was in someone else's possession entirely that night. But when police questioned Miguel about this old phone ping, he refused to speak with them. In my mind, that's quite suspicious. Other than that, though, I lean towards Kevin being the one involved. Either way, Kayla's case remains unsolved and there are very few updates.

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