Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Murders of Amina & Sarah Said

Amina and Sarah Said (left), Yaser Said (right)
Teenage sisters Amina Said (18) and Sarah Said (17) were murdered by their father Yaser Said on January 1st, 2008. The Saids are an Egyptian family, but Amina and Sarah grew up in Irving, Texas. It is believed that Yaser murdered his daughters because he felt they had dishonored their family by refusing to adhere to the traditional standards of their Egyptian culture.

The Said family: Yaser with his wife Patricia, their daughters & their son
Yaser was reportedly abusive towards both of his daughters and his wife Patricia “Tissie” Said for many years. Amina and Sarah had both confided in their friends about the abuse. At one point, Sarah told her friend “he treats me like a whore.” Additionally, both girls would often show up to school with several bruises. On one occasion, Amina came to school with a split lip. She informed her friends that her father had caused her injuries, and her mother refused to let her seek medical attention. Yaser also often spied on his daughters–he would video or audio tape them without their knowledge. The girls were afraid to use public telephones because they feared that Yaser would somehow be listening in on their conversation. When Sarah got a job at a local convenience store, Yaser would videotape her at work and then punish her for smiling too much at the customers.

When Amina was 16, Yaser took her to Egypt and attempted to arrange a marriage between her and a much older friend of his. Amina rejected the marriage. Though Yaser was not happy about this, they returned to the United States where Yaser continued to look for other potential men to marry his daughters. Amina began to date a boy her age who she met at Tae Kwon Do classes. However, she was very scared that Yaser would find out about the relationship. She would send her boyfriend code words to let him know to stop texting/calling her in case Yaser was going to look through her phone. When Yaser asked, Amina denied having a boyfriend, but Yaser still continued to try and uncover the relationship.

When that failed, Yaser decided to move his family 60 miles away to Lewisville, Texas. This prompted Amina to begin planning to runaway with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s family actually offered to help the entire family, and after Christmas 2007, Amina, Sarah and Tissie all ran away to Tulsa, Oklahoma to stay with Amina’s boyfriend’s relatives. However, it is believed that Tissie stayed in contact with Yaser the entire time. On December 31st, 2007, Tissie told Amina and Sarah that it was the anniversary of her mother’s death, and she wanted to bring the girls to East Texas to put flowers on her grave. Sarah reluctantly agreed to go with her mother, while Amina refused. Eventually, though, Tissie told Amina that her father had forgiven her and wanted both her and Sarah to come home. Amina eventually gave in and went with her mother and sister.

The following day, Yaser took Amina and Sarah to the taxi cab he drove and told them he wanted to take them out to eat. Yaser told Tissie to stay at home because he wanted to talk to his daughters alone. He then drove the girls back to Irving, Texas, where he shot them both inside the car. Amina died instantly, while Sarah managed to call 911. She was heard on the line saying, “Help, my dad shot me! I’m dying!” Unfortunately, Sarah died before the paramedics could arrive.

Yaser fled the scene after shooting his daughters. He still remains on the run today. However, there is no record of him flying out of the country. In fact, the FBI believes that Yaser may now be driving a taxi cab in New York City after they received numerous tips from people who had seen a cab driver matching Yaser’s description. In 2014, Yaser was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. There is currently a $100,000 reward in place for any information that will lead to Yaser’s arrest. If you have any information that could help, please contact the FBI here. 
UPDATE (8/27/20): Yaser Said has been captured.

After being unable to locate him for 12 years, the FBI finally located and arrested Yaser in Justin, Texas on August 26th, 2020. He is now in custody and will face capital murder charges for killing Amina and Sarah back in 2008. Yaser's ex-wife/Amina and Sarah's mother has stated that she was unaware of Yaser's location.

Although Amina and Sarah's murders are believed to be 'honor killings', their older brother has claimed that the killings were motivated by something else. This story is currently unfolding and updates are likely to come.


  1. Glad they caught him.He deserves death penalty

  2. He's a very sick man. This could be called an honor killing but it's also a lot more. He lusted after his daughters, he stalked them and used to videotape them surreptitiously. He deserves the death penalty and so does the so-called mother. She covered up sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse and ultimately and repeatedly brought those beautiful girls back to the care and control of their abuser and eventual murderer. She is just as responsible for their deaths as the sick bastard that pulled the trigger, if not more so!

    1. I totally agree with you. The mother was a monster - she is every bit as culpable and the father.


  4. That mother should have NEVER taken those girls back to Texas. She shares in the blame of their deaths.


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