Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Murder of Chrismely Hidalgo


Chrismely Hidalgo was only 22-years-old when she was found murdered on January 27th, 2013. The young mother lived in Paterson, New Jersey at the time of her death. Chrismely's body was found along the side of the road on the Route 22 west entrance ramp in Newark. She had been thrown from a vehicle that was traveling around 60 MPH, which caused her skull to crack. However, it was determined that Chrismely was already deceased by the time her body was removed from the vehicle. She had been strangled to death. 

Chrismely was reported missing by her family on January 26th, 2013 - just one day before her body was found. She was last seen near Union and Redwood Avenue in Paterson before her disappearance. Chrismely struggled with addiction, and she reportedly frequented that area to purchase drugs. Family members believe Chrismely was killed in that area of Paterson before her killer(s) disposed of her body near Newark.

During 2014, it was reported that Chrismely's family members were frustrated with the murder investigation. Chrismely's sister Yohanaka Isabel told reporters that she believes Paterson police let Chrismely's killer walk free. According to Yohanaka, DNA belonging to a man was found under Chrismely's fingernails. When police questioned this man, they noticed he had scratches on his face. The man denied involvement in Chrismely's murder; he stated that the scratches were due to "rough sex" that he had with Chrismely. Police let the man go after hearing that explanation. The man in question has never been publicly identified, nor has he been charged with anything related to Chrismely's case. 

Chrismely's loved ones do not believe that Chrismely had consensual "rough sex" with this man. In fact, they believe this man is a killer, and that police did not thoroughly investigate him. As previously noted, Chrismely struggled with addiction and was also reportedly involved in sex work. Many have speculated that police did not take her case seriously due to her lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for missing persons/murder cases to be overlooked if the victim has struggled with addiction. These cases are often overlooked by not only the police department, but the media as well. The family of Chrismely Hidalgo believes that this issue is responsible for the lack of progress in her murder case. 

Over the years, very few updates have been provided. Detectives have not revealed any details about the investigation. Chrismely's murder remains unsolved. If you have any information that could lead to the arrest of her killer(s), please submit a tip.

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