Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Murder of Deandrea Funchess

On the morning of February 15th, 2022, police in Cincinnati received a call about a deceased person inside a residence on West Galbraith Road in Hartwell. When officers went to the home, they found 24-year-old Deandrea Funchess in an unresponsive state. The young woman was pronounced dead on the scene.

Before her untimely death, Deandrea lived in the Hartwell residence with her boyfriend, Mayzio Arnold, and their two children. Deandrea's family members continued to keep in touch with Arnold after Deandrea's passing as they all tried to make sense of her tragic death. Deandrea's family members were told that she died of a drug overdose, but very few other details were revealed at that time. 

For months, Deandrea's grieving family members were left with an explanation for her death that left more questions than answers. Deandrea's mother Bernadette Davis said that she did not believe her daughter died from a drug overdose. Bernadette is quoted telling reporters that "[Mayzio Arnold] told us she died from a drug overdose. Which never sat right with me. From day one, it never made sense to me." 

Although Arnold claimed that drugs were responsible for Deandrea's demise, detectives continued to investigate the case. Throughout their investigation, detectives learned that it was actually violence - not drugs - that caused Deandrea's death. In fact, an autopsy revealed that Deandrea had been beaten so severely that "her spinal column separated from the base of her skull" - leaving her internally decapitated. The evidence that detectives gathered pointed to one person as the culprit: Mayzio Arnold.

On July 13th, 2022, Arnold was arrested and charged with Deandrea's murder. Deandrea's family members are reportedly shocked by the arrest. They had been in contact with Arnold regularly since Deandrea's passing, and they did not know he was ever even a suspect in the case. Deandrea's mother Bernadette said that she did not know of any red flags in her daughter's relationship with Arnold. "As far as I know about him, he seemed to be ok. The kids loved him." Bernadette explained. "They had issues like any other couple, but I’d never in a million years have thought that this would have been the outcome of that situation."

Mayzio Arnold

Arnold's murder charges are pending. Investigators are still asking anyone with additional information on Deandrea's murder to call Hamilton County authorities at 513-352-3542.


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