Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Disappearance of Nevaeh Kingbird

Nevaeh Kingbird has been missing since October 23rd, 2021. The 15-year-old was last seen leaving a residence in Bemidji, Minnesota around 2:00 AM. Nevaeh never returned home and has not been seen or heard from again. 

Nevaeh's mother Teddi Wind initially reported Nevaeh missing as a runaway. According to Teddi, Nevaeh had run away before, but had always stayed in contact. This time around, Nevaeh has not been in touch, and it also appears that she has not accessed her social media accounts—which is extremely out of character. In fact, Teddi sent Nevaeh numerous messages via social media that were reportedly never read. Additionally, Nevaeh's friends report that she has not been active in their group chat, which is also very unusual. 

In a February 2022 report on Nevaeh's disappearance, Teddi is quoted describing the hours leading up to Nevaeh's disappearance. Teddi stated she was at work when she called Nevaeh on the afternoon of October 22nd. During their phone call, Nevaeh was reportedly slurring her words and Teddi grew worried about her. Teddi then drove home to make sure Nevaeh was okay, and when she arrived, she found several additional people inside her house who did not her permission to be there. Teddi asked them to leave and eventually went outside to call the police. After the final swarm of people left the residence, Teddi noticed that Nevaeh was gone too. 

Later that evening, Nevaeh went to a party at Carter Circle in southeast Bemidji. She reportedly left that residence around 1:00 AM and went to another residence at Southview Terrace Park. Nevaeh then left that residence around 2:00 AM. This is the last known sighting of Nevaeh before she vanished. 

The February 2022 report also states that Nevaeh's brother was told that Nevaeh might have been injured when she left the second residence. Her brother was reportedly told that Nevaeh jumped out of a window and hit her head. Then, she said on the ground for some time before getting up and running off. Police later located Nevaeh's phone at this residence, but no other evidence pointing to her whereabouts was found.

Several extensive searches have been conducted for Nevaeh, but unfortunately she has still not been found. In May 2022, it was reported that the Bemidji police collaborated with several agencies to conduct a large search spanning of 500 acres in both water and in wooded areas, but nothing was found. 

Nevaeh remains missing today. The FBI is involved in the search. If you have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please submit a tip. 

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