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The Disappearance and Death of Olivia Lone Bear

Olivia Lone Bear vanished at the age of 32 on October 24th, 2017. The mother of four disappeared after leaving a local bar near her home on the Fort Berthold Reservation in New Town, North Dakota. Olivia was seen leaving the bar in a pickup truck that she had borrowed from a friend. After that, she was never seen or heard from again. Olivia's father reported her missing two days later.

Olivia's loved ones were immediately worried when she fell out-of-touch. It was very uncharacteristic for her to not check in with her family or answer her phone calls. After Olivia was reported missing, her family members learned that her wallet, cell phone, and the clothes she was wearing that night were inside her home. Due to this, it is believed that Olivia made it home after leaving the bar on the evening of her disappearance. What happened after she arrived home remains a mystery.

Nine months passed without any significant news in Olivia's case. Then, on July 27th, 2018, a group of volunteers spotted the vehicle Olivia was driving underwater in Lake Sakakawea. Authorities were notified, and a few days later, professional search teams entered the water. It was then that the pickup truck was removed from the water. Inside the vehicle was Olivia's body. She had been buckled into the front passenger seat. 

An autopsy was unable to determine the cause of Olivia's death. There were reportedly no signs of significant trauma on her body. Reports state that the medical personnel were "unable to determine a definitive traumatic, natural, or toxicological cause for her death."

Since Olivia was found in the passenger side of the car, it seems probable that somebody else drove the car into the lake. Still, authorities have not labeled Olivia's death as a homicide at this time. However, investigators maintain that foul play has not been ruled out. 

The lake where Olivia was found is located just a short distance away from her home. Many have questioned why it took so long for her to be found, and the investigation into her case has been criticized by locals. The case was being investigated by Tribal PD, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and by state officials. Olivia's brother said there were plans to search the lake months before Olivia was found, but the investigative agencies were unable to decide who was going to conduct the search. It was not until the volunteers spotted the vehicle that the professionals finally decided to enter the water.

Olivia's case remains unsolved today. The FBI is now involved in the case, but they have revealed very little information about the investigation. If you have any information that could help solve Olivia's case, please go here to submit a tip. 

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