Monday, March 8, 2021

The Murder of Chandler Innarelli

Chandler Innarelli was only 22 years-old when he was murdered on February 19th, 2020. He lived in Manchester, New Hampshire, and he was a new father at the time of his death. 

On the evening of his murder, Chandler was sitting in his car in front of an apartment between Grove and Bell Street. He was waiting for his girlfriend and newborn son to come out of the building and meet him. As Chandler sat waiting, an unknown assailant fired shots in his direction. Witnesses recall hearing four or five gunshots. The police were called, and Chandler was transferred to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Although there were a few witnesses who heard the gunfire, it appears that none of the witnesses actually saw the shooter(s). Due to this, investigators were unable to put together a description of any potential suspects. It is unclear if investigators believe Chandler was targeted, or if they believe his killing was random. His case remains unsolved today.

Chandler's family members have set up a Facebook page dedicated to spreading awareness on Chandler's case. His mother has also set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising the reward money for anyone with information that could help solve Chandler's case. If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.  If you have any information that could lead to Chandler's killer(s), please use this link to submit an anonymous tip.

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