Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Disappearance of Amanda DeGuio


Amanda DeGuio was last seen by her loved ones in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania on June 3rd, 2014. Her family is still searching for her to this day. 

Amanda was only 24 years-old at the time she vanished. In the years leading up to her disappearance, Amanda struggled with drug addiction. According to her family, she grew addicted to painkillers after the birth of her first child.

Eventually, she began using heroin and working as a prostitute as well. However, Amanda remained close to her family and frequently checked in on her two children. In fact, shortly before her disappearance, Amanda and her family members had taken a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It appeared that she was sober during the trip. Amanda vanished just days after they returned to Drexel Hill.

On the afternoon of June 3rd, 2014, Amanda's mother Joanna DeGuio returned home from work only to find an empty house. Amanda was not there as expected, but her cell phone, credit cards, and other personal belongings were still inside the house.

After days passed without any sign of her, Amanda's loved ones began to fear she had fallen back into her drug habits. Some reports state that Amanda allegedly picked up someone else's Oxycontin prescription at a local pharmacy about a week after she was last seen at her family's house. As a result, police issued a warrant for Amanda's arrest for identity theft and receiving stolen property. 

Amanda's family members did not report her missing until August 27th, 2014. Amanda had disappeared for days at a time in the past, and after the warrant for her arrest was issued, many thought she was hiding out from police. After nearly 3 months passed without any contact, Amanda's loved ones began to fear she had come to harm. Once police began to investigate, they announced that they also believed that Amanda met with foul play. Eventually, the FBI became involved in the search for Amanda as well. 

Over the years, investigators have received numerous tips, but unfortunately none of them have panned out. In 2022, it was reported that a property was searched/dug up for clues related to Amanda's case. It appears that investigators left without any new information. 

Amanda remains missing today, and her case remains open. If you have any information that could lead to Amanda's whereabouts, please call 610-734-3439 to submit an anonymous tip. 


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