Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Disappearances of Shequenia Burnett and Terkessa Wallace


Shequenia Burnett (left), Terkessa Wallace (right)

Shequenia Burnett and Terkessa Wallace had been friends since childhood. The two grew up together in the same neighborhood in North Little Rock, Arkansas. By 2014, both Shequenia (36) and Terkessa (34) had their own children. They still remained friends and spoke regularly. On January 10th, 2014, both Shequenia and Terkessa seemingly vanished without a trace. Since then, what happened to both women remains a mystery.

Shequenia was reported missing by her mother on January 15th, 2015. Shequenia's mother told North Little Rock Police that she had not seen or heard from Shequenia since January 9th. The following day, Terkessa was reported missing. Her family told North Little Rock PD that Terkessa had dropped her 5-year-old son off on January 10th and never returned.

Detectives did not immediately connect Shequenia's and Terkessa's disappearances - despite the fact that their respective family members reported them missing just days apart. However, that all changed once detectives subpoenaed cell phone records. The records show that Shequenia and Terkessa were in contact on January 10th. Later that day, their cell phones pinged off the same tower, which indicates that the two women were together. Shortly after those pings, their cell phone activity stopped.

Nearly two years passed without any sign of Shequenia or Terkessa. Then, in December 2015, a fisherman found a human leg in the Arkansas River. That leg was later confirmed to belong to Shequenia. No other human remains were found, so a cause of death was unable to be determined. 

The discovery of Shequenia's leg brings about more questions than answers. What led to her tragic fate still remains unknown. Additionally, Terkessa still remains missing, and leads about both women's cases have been scarce. It seems likely that Shequenia's and Terkessa's disappearances are connected, but no suspects have been publicly named. 

Both cases remain unsolved. If you have any information that could lead to answers in either or both cases, please call (501) 812-2591 to submit a tip. 

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