Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Disappearance and Presumed Murder of Tianna Phillips

Tianna Phillips has been missing since June 13th, 2018. The 25 year-old woman was last seen in Berwick, Ohio. Tianna reportedly left a residence in Berwick at some point between 11pm and 12:30am and never returned home. She has never been seen or heard from again.

Tianna left behind two young sons who are now in the care of a relative. It is very uncharacteristic for her to be out-of-touch with her loved ones and it is not believed that she is missing on her own accord. Tianna's Facebook has not been updated since she went missing, but she was active on the site prior to her disappearance. In fact, just hours before she vanished, Tianna posted the following on her Facebook page: "FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW... ME AND SCOTT ARE NOT TOGETHER HE THREW ME OUT... WE ARE BROKE UP AND THATS HOW ITS GOING TO STAY...." 

Tianna's Facebook post from the day of her disappearance

After Tianna was reported missing, people began commenting on the Facebook post, asking if her ex-boyfriend Scott had been investigated. Some have replied stating that Scott has cooperated with the investigation, but there are still some commenters who have questioned whether or not this is true. Other commenters on the post have indicated that Tianna might be avoiding her family--but her family denies this and believes she was harmed.

Tianna remains missing today. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please go here to submit an anonymous tip. 
UPDATE (May 2021): 

A man named Harold Haulman III has been charged with Tianna's murder. It's been revealed that on the night of Tianna's disappearance, she told a friend that she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend and that a man named Dave was going to pick her up. It's believed that "Dave" was actually Harold Haulman.

Before being charged with Tianna's murder, Haulman had already been charged with the murder of 26 year-old Erica Shutlz. Erica vanished in Michigan and was reported missing on December 6th, 2020. Cell phone records linked Erica to Haulman. The two had reportedly met on a dating app. By late December 2020, Haulman decided to cooperate with police and led them to Erica's remains in a wooded area off Hobbie Road. It's believed that this is the same location where Tianna was killed.

Erika Shulz

Tianna and Haulman also reportedly met on a dating app years earlier. Haulman was married, but his wife knew of their affair. However, once Haulman learned that Tianna's boyfriend also knew about their affair, he grew angry. On the evening Tianna's disappearance, Haulman took her to the spot off Hobbie Road under the guise of starting a bonfire. Instead, Haulman reportedly stuck Tianna with a hammer several times, stabbed her, and slashed her throat. Haulman later confessed to his wife that he had killed Tianna. Months later, Haulman and his wife returned to the murder site to gather Tianna's remains, which they later placed in a dumpster. Her remains have still not been found.

Haulman III remains behind bars as both murder cases are pending. He is also currently being investigated for his potential involvement in other cases of missing women. 
UPDATE (September 2021): 

Harold Haulman III has pleaded guilty to the murders of Erica Shultz and Tianna Phillips. It has also been revealed that Haulman confessed to murdering another young woman named Ashley Parlier, who vanished from Battle Creek, Michigan, in 2005. 

Ashley Parlier

Haulman was linked to Ashley's disappearance after he was in custody for the other two murders. He reportedly asked investigators if they could combine all three cases in court because he did not want to go to trial. However, up until that point, investigators were only aware of Haulman's involvement in Erica and Tianna's cases--Ashley had not yet been brought up. Haulman later confessed to murdering Ashley as well. 

Harold pleaded guilty to murdering both Erica and Tianna so he could avoid the death penalty. He was subsequently given two life sentences. He is still awaiting further court proceedings in Ashley's case. 

The remains of both Tianna and Ashley have still not been found. 

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