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List Series: Overnight Disappearances

A list of ten people who seemingly vanished without a trace overnight. All of these missing people were seen or heard from by their loved ones at night, but were mysteriously gone by the following morning. Each of these cases remain unsolved today.

10. Kathy Pereira

Kathy Pereira was only 15 years-old when she vanished from her family's Gaithersburg, Maryland home on August 16th, 2015. Kathy had spent most of that summer visiting her grandparents in Portugal. She returned to her hometown in Maryland shortly before she vanished. On the morning of August 17th, 2015, Kathy's mother and brothers awoke to find that Kathy was missing. She has never been seen or heard from again. 

Kathy's family members are calling her disappearance completely out-of-character. The family had spent the day before her disappearance at the beach. After returning home, the family watched movies together before going to bed. According to Kathy's mother, there was nothing unusual about Kathy's behavior before her disappearance. Kathy did not do or say anything to indicate that she was planning to run away. In fact, Kathy was reportedly talking about her future plans to go to college before she went to bed on the night before her disappearance. Kathy's loved ones were left confused and worried when they awoke the following morning and noticed that Kathy was gone. 

Certain initial reports state that Kathy might have been accompanied by a teenage boy at the time of her disappearance. Now that over five years have passed, it is unclear if investigators still believe this to be true. There are unfortunately very few other details available about Kathy's case, and she remains missing today. [read more]

9. Desiree Thompson

Desiree Thompson (30) vanished under suspicious circumstances on January 7th, 2012. She was last seen that evening after a frightening incident with her estranged ex-husband, Edward 'Face' Gibson III (pictured right). There were reportedly several instances of domestic violence and encounters with the police throughout Desiree's relationship with Gibson. On the night of her disappearance, Gibson showed up at Desiree's home in California City, California unannounced. When Desiree answered the door, Gibson pointed a shotgun at her face. It appears that no shots were actually fired at that time, as Desiree was seen alive just a few hours after that incident. After that last sighting, she was never seen or heard from again.

Investigators have also been searching for Gibson, who also vanished on the evening of Desiree's disappearance--and it is believed that he is on the run. Gibson is wanted on charges of burglary, domestic violence, violating a court order, brandishing a firearm, and possessing a firearm as a felon. Additionally, Gibson remains the only person of interest/suspect in Desiree's case. Both remain missing today. [read more]

8. Jasmine Robinson
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Jasmine Robinson (23) vanished from her home in Archer, Florida on the evening of February 18th, 2019. The young woman was approximately 6 to 7 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Jasmine was last heard from around 8pm that evening, when she spoke to her aunt on the phone. She said she was going to bed, and she told her aunt she would see her the next morning. However, when her aunt arrived to take Jasmine to a doctor's appointment the following morning, she was nowhere to be found. Jasmine has never been seen or heard from again.

Jasmine family members believe that the father of her unborn child might have been involved in her disappearance. She reportedly did not want a romantic relationship with this man, but he continued to harass her via phone calls to both her work phone and her personal cell phone. There is otherwise very little information available about the investigation into Jasmine's disappearance. Detectives have not released many details about evidence they have gathered, but they did state that they believe Jasmine was not alone when she left her home on the night of her disappearance. Still, no persons of interest or suspects have been publicly identified. Jasmine remains missing today. [read more]

7. Daniel Reaves

Daniel Reaves vanished at the age of 25 on May 4th, 2008. He was last seen by his girlfriend Sara, at her home in Madison, Indiana. The two spent the evening of May 3rd watching television before Sara dosed to sleep off around midnight. When she awoke around 4am, Daniel was gone—but she noticed that she had a text from him, which simply said “I love you.” This is the last known contact from Daniel; Sara tried calling him back five minutes later, but he did not answer. Daniel has never been seen or heard from again.

A week after his disappearance, Daniel’s car was found abandoned near Clifty Falls State Park. The car was unlocked, and Daniel’s wallet containing his credit cards and identification were inside. However, his keys and cell phone were missing. Investigators searched that area for any other signs of Daniel, but reportedly nothing was found.

Daniel’s family members have questioned whether or not it was actually Daniel who left his car at the park. They do not believe he would go hiking at four in the morning, nor do they believe he would leave his identification behind. Daniel is still missing over a decade later, and his case remains unsolved. [read more]

6. Priti 'Ashley' Porter

Priti “Ashley” Porter vanished from her family’s home in Gastonia, North Carolina on April 19th, 2009. The 22 year-old lived with her parents at the time, and she was last seen by her mother Tanya Davis. By Tanya’s account, Ashley said goodnight to her around 10pm. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary during their exchange. Then, the following morning, Tanya wanted to borrow a coat from Ashley’s closet, but when she tried to enter her room, it was locked. After Tanya’s knocks went unanswered, she asked her husband to break down the door. Once they entered Ashley’s room, they were shocked to realized that Ashley was not there, and the bedroom window screen had been removed.

The initial police reports on Ashley’s case initially characterized her disappearance as “not a crime - missing person.” However, as time passed, investigators eventually announced that they believe foul play was involved in her disappearance. Ashley’s mother stated that Ashley had an ex-boyfriend who her parents did not approve of, and he was not welcome in their home. Due to this, Ashley’s mother thinks it is possible that Ashley snuck out of their home that evening to meet up with him. Still, this has never been confirmed and Gastonia Police have stayed tight-lipped about the investigation into Ashley’s disappearance to avoid jeopardizing the investigation. Ashley's case remains unsolved. [read more]

5. Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson vanished at the age of 32 on January 3rd, 2016. Her father saw her for the last time on the previous evening, after he dropped her off at her home in Park Forest, Illinois around 9pm. About an hour later, Brenda spoke on the phone with her mother and mentioned that she was home alone at the time. She was scheduled to arrive at work around 5:30am the following morning, but she unfortunately did not show up. Brenda has never been seen or heard from again.

Brenda left behind all of her personal items. She also left behind six children. Brenda did not have custody of the children at the time, however her family members described her as a loving mother. She reportedly lost custody of the children after she refused to press domestic violence charges against her husband, Antonio Jackson. Antonio is considered a person of interest in Brenda's disappearance, but at this time he has not been charged with anything related to her case. Brenda remains missing today. [read more]

4. Monica Carrasco
True Case Files: The Disappearance of Monica Carrasco

Monica Carrasco was only 16 years-old when she vanished on October 2nd, 2003. Prior to her disappearance, Monica was living with her aunt, uncle, and cousins at their home in Balmorhea, Texas. According to her cousins, Monica went to bed around 11pm the night before her disappearance. The cousins reportedly checked on her around 1:30am and saw her sleeping in bed. However, by 7:30am, the family noticed that Monica was gone. She has never been seen or heard from again.

It was initially believed that Monica left on her own accord, but there were still significant concerns for her safety. Her aunt and uncle stated that they believe she became disoriented from her medications, left the house, and accepted a ride from a passing motorist. Police have also stated that it is possible that Monica left the house to meet up with a person she met from the Internet. 

None of these theories have been confirmed, and no suspects have been identified in Monica's case. Monica's uncle reportedly failed a polygraph exam regarding her disappearance, but he has not been charged with anything related to the case. Monica remains missing to this day. [read more]

3. Elijah Runningbear Diaz

20 year-old Elijah Runningbear Diaz (known as Bear by family and friends) has been missing since August 29th, 2015. He was last seen at his home in El Cajon, California, after his mother dropped him off around 10pm that evening. Bear is a member of the Barona Tribe, and many other members lived in his neighborhood as well. However, none of his neighbors recall seeing him leave that night. Bear sent a final text to his mother around 11:20pm that evening, and none of his family/friends have seen or heard from him again after that.

Around 4pm the following day, Bear’s mother showed up at his house to bring him dinner. When she arrived, Bear was nowhere to be found and many items were missing from his home as well. The bedding was missing from his bed, along with his big-screen TV and about a week’s worth of his diabetes medication. His toothbrush, glasses, and phone charger were left behind. Bear’s cell phone was turned off during the early morning hours of August 30th and has never been turned on again. He also has not accessed any of his social media pages since then.

Bear’s family members do not believe that he left on his own accord. He was in poor health due to his diabetes—he was underweight and had very limited mobility. At the time, Bear was unable to drive. His mother believes that somebody took him from his home and harmed him. The El Cajon Police Department is investigating his disappearance.

2. Timeka Pridgen
True Case Files: The Disappearance of Timeka Pridgen

Timeka Pridgen was only 16 years-old when she went missing on May 12th, 2001. She was last seen at her family’s home in La Grange, North Carolina. On the evening of May 12th, Timeka was at the house with her mother, Cosandra Best. Cosandra was expecting to see her boyfriend, Eric Moore, that night—and she planned to end her relationship with him once he arrived at their house. However, 5 minutes before Eric said he was going to be there, Cosandra dozed off to sleep. She later woke up around midnight and realized that Timeka was gone. Cosandra was unsure if Eric ever actually stopped by, but she was immediately worried about her daughter when she realized Timeka’s shoes and other personal belongings were still inside the house. Cosandra subsequently reported Timeka missing.

Throughout the investigation, it was determined that Timeka was on the phone with a friend shortly before she disappeared. The friend told police that the phone call abruptly ended after Timeka heard a knock on her door. After months passed without any sign of Timeka, police began to believe that she was forced out of her home by somebody she had let inside. Cosandra believes that Eric Moore—the man she intended to break-up with that night—is responsible for her daughter’s disappearance. After Timeka disappeared, Cosandra learned from the police that Eric had previous criminal convictions for a sex crime, kidnapping, assault and theft. Still, Eric has never been charged with anything related to Timeka’s disappearance. Timeka's case remains unsolved. [read more]

1. Karlie Gusé

16 year-old Karlie Gusé disappeared during the morning hours of October 13th, 2018. She was last seen by her family at their home in Chalfant, California—a rural area in Mono County. Karlie’s stepmother Melissa Gusé told authorities that she last saw Karlie laying awake in her bed around 5:30 on the morning of the 13th. Melissa herself dosed back off to sleep after that, and when she woke up again around 7:15am, Karlie was gone. All of her personal belongings, including her cell phone, were still at the home. She was reported missing later that day.

According to Karlie's stepmother and father, Karlie was behaving erratically before her disappearance. Melissa reportedly picked Karlie up from an outing with her boyfriend and friends around 8pm on October 12th. While in the car, Karlie told Melissa that she had smoked marijuana. Melissa said that Karlie was acting paranoid and disoriented as a result. She reportedly tried to calm Karlie down--she even slept in her room with her that night to make sure she was okay. 

After Karlie was reported missing, a few witnesses reported seeing a person that matched Karlie's description walking through the neighborhood during the early morning hours of October 13th. These sightings have never been confirmed. As time has passed without any sign of Karlie, suspicions have began to build against her stepmother and father. Neither have been charged with anything related to Karlie's disappearance, nor have they been labeled as suspects by police. Karlie remains missing today. [read more]

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