Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Disappearance of Terrence Woods Jr.

Terrence Woods Jr. vanished at the age of 26 on October 5th, 2018. At the time of his disappearance, Terrence was working as a production assistant for the British docu-series Gold Rush: White Water. The series was being filmed around Pinman Mine in Orogrande, Idaho. Terrence originally planned to be working with the crew until mid-November 2018, but just a few hours before his disappearance, he texted his parents and said he decided to leave the production early. He told his parents he planned to be back in his hometown in Maryland by October 10th. Just hours after Terrence sent those texts, he disappeared.

Terrence's co-workers said that he was acting 'strangely' before his disappearance. As the film crew was wrapping up for the day, Terrence reportedly took off running towards a nearby cliff. When his co-workers went over to the cliff to see if he had fallen, they noticed he was already 15 feet down the cliff, running towards the woods. Some of the crew members waited by a nearby main road to see if Terrence would emerge from the woods. He never did, and he was reported missing by 5:30pm that evening. 

A widespread search for Terrence ensued. Search crews scoured the area on horseback and on ATVs. Search dogs and helicopters with heat-sensing technology also were used, but unfortunately no clues were found. After days of searching, local law enforcement announced that they did not believe Terrence was still in the area from where he disappeared. It is unclear where he could have possibly gone, or how he could have left without a vehicle--but the search crews did not find any trace of him.

Terrence's family members said that his actions that led to his disappearance were completely uncharacteristic of him. He reportedly did not have a history of mental illness or drug use. Terrence's journal had entries that suggested he was tired of all the traveling his job required, but it appeared he was referring to his previous job in London. Law enforcement's log from the 911 call regarding Terrence's disappearance stated that "Terrence has been having a really hard time emotionally and had a mental breakdown earlier today."However, there is no further elaboration about this alleged mental breakdown.

Investigators report that there is no evidence of foul play in Terrence's case. Still, Terrence's family members believe foul play is a possibility. His parents believe that Terrence might have been afraid of someone he was working with in Idaho, which is why he wanted to return from production early. This has never been confirmed, and Terrence's fate remains unknown to this day.

Terrence's case is still open and investigators are hoping to receive more tips. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact officials at 208-983-1100.

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