Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Disappearance and Death of Madison Scott

Northern B.C. RCMP make another public plea on eight-year ...

Madison Scott was last seen alive during the early morning hours of May 28th, 2011. The previous evening, 20-year-old Madison and a friend drove to Hogsback Lake in Central B.C. to go to a party at one of the lake’s campsites. Madison and her friend planned to camp there overnight. 

Sometime after midnight, Madison’s friend, who was incredibly intoxicated, got injured and left with a male friend. Around 2:45 AM, when the party started to dismantle, many of the partygoers went home. Madison, on the other hand, apparently decided to stay and camp there by herself. 

The following morning, some of the partygoers returned to the campsite to clean up. They found Madison’s truck still parked in the lot and her tent still pitched, but Madison was nowhere to be found. This did not raise any alarm at first—the witnesses simply thought Madison had gotten up to go for a walk. However, later that night, there was another party at the campsite. Madison’s items were still there, but none the 150 people in attendance of the party saw her there at all. 

Madison's truck & tent (

When Madison did not return home on Sunday, her parents drove to the lake and found her truck and tent still there as well. After looking through her items, they noticed that Madison left her purse and keys behind. Her parents subsequently reported her missing.

Over the years, there many ground and water searches for Madison were conducted that yielded no clues to her whereabouts. Due to this, the police came to the belief that that Madison was taken away from Hogsback Lake that night by way of vehicle. They interviewed every partygoer from the parties on both the 27th and 28th, but nobody from either party has been named as a suspect. 

Over a decade passed without any updates in the case. Then, in 2023, a major break occurred. A search warrant was executed on a rural property east of Vanderhoof, which led to the full discovery of human remains. The remains were later identified as that of Madison Scott.

Local rumors are currently floating around regarding how, exactly, investigators zeroed in on the location where she was found. As of now, Madison's death remains under investigation. Any updates will be provided if and when they are available. 


  1. Never leave your friends alone. If you go together, you stay together. Her "friend" is hiding something. Everyone who follows this case has said as much. They are hiding something.

    1. I completely agree. I've been following this case since I saw a missing poster in Balfour, B.C. at a ferry dock in 2015. And its obvious that the friend Jordi is hiding something. Nobody thats quote: "very intoxicated" wants to leave and go somewhere even if they were a little worse for wear. If you're "very intoxicated" all you want to do is find somehwhere to lay down and pass out. I personally think that it it very well could have involved her because she had Maddy's trust, and if Maddy was also intoxicated, she could easily have been deceived into going somewhere with her best friend and best friend's boyfriend. I'm glad this is still getting attention, because I'd like it solved

  2. I think that maddy theft with girl wants to camp all alone in the canadin wilderness .
    According to wiki it says “There was another boy who was interested in her, but according to Dawn Scott "she wasn't interested in him". According to him, he got a bit huffy in private according to only a couple of people, not a public display, and "has been put through the wringer" also according to wiki he is on the suspect list. It's also likely that someone at the party took her (according to wiki)
    I believe that she expected to go home with the boy that did not like her (Dawn Scott mentioned that there was a guy who she was interested in romantically for some time, who was at the party for a bit. Dawn said that Maddy told her that he wasn't interested and he told Maddy that he "just wanted to be friends. According to wiki agin i also don't know if this happened before or after the party ) she stayed late at night in her tent and only one guy was left, the huffy one she did not like. He might have been high/drunk and a bit jealous of the other guy that she liked. Therefore he demanded she get in his car maddy knew she was going to get hurt if she said no so she played along and grabbed her keys and got in the car.i haved rly fingered out the rest because i only have been looking into this case for 2 days and some of my claims are probably off if you think any of my claims are of or don't make sense please tell me i want to get to the bottom of this.

  3. I see many people saying the friend was involved and I think it's absurd, if she had any involvement she would have cracked years ago under the police and public pressure to give up her accomplices in the case, women don't go around abducting other female friends and if they did it certainly would be with the involvement of a male or group of males, the reason why she seems so awkward is because she knows she was very selfish and left her friend out in the woods alone basically to die and she's trying to save face, She doesnt seem like a very good person but she made a mistake during a drunken party as we all have so lets move on to more theories that make actual sense, it was likely a crime of opportunity where a sexual predator (made aware of the event by the facebook post) decided to pop by the event late to see if he could find and vulnerable victims that were intoxicated and abduct them, some questions I have are "how drunk was Madison? did she stay because she didnt want to risk drinking and driving, was she an experienced drinker? was there any drugs involved that would have made her possible wonder off in some sort of drug trip, this case is baffling and there seems to be so little evidence but I really tend to agree with the police theory of a lone predatory male pulling up by car and abducting her, maybe she was fooled by a police impersonator to let her guard down or maybe just a blitz attack where she had no chance to fight back or run, My feeling is she was out of her element with a new friend who was associated with a group that were much rougher crowd than her normal friends and she wasn't true friend but maybe madison thought this girl was in the cool crowd and wanted to become friends with her

  4. I think the friend, Jordy Bolduc, IS hiding something. And the fact that the commenter above said we should move on from that theory when it seems to be the most obvious one staring us in the face is patently absurd. Female friends DO abduct other female friends. What is this person on? It doesn't necessarily mean a male was involved. Girls do and have killed other females. Jordy knows more than she is saying and I do suspect she is involved. She is the one who invited Maddy there, and Maddy didn't know her that well.

  5. I can’t even imagine what Madison’s family has had to endure all these years, than to learn their daughters remains have been located. Those responsible for taking her life were likely at the party that night. Silence and secrecy continue on in the community. Someone knows something !! Enough is Enough !!!! Time to speak up people !!