Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Murder of Alexis Crawford

Alexis Crawford (pictured left) was tragically murdered at the age of 21 on October 30th, 2019. 

Prior to her death, Alexis was a student at Clark Atlanta University located in Atlanta, Georgia. She lived with a roommate named Jordyn Jones (pictured bottom right), and the two girls were frequently visited by Jordyn's boyfriend, Barron Brantley (pictured top right). In fact, just days before Alexis' murder, she was drinking with Jordyn and Barron at the home. At some point that night, Barron reportedly sexually assaulted Alexis.

Alexis reported the assault to authorities the following day, on October 27th, 2019. The report states that Barron touched and kissed Alexis without her consent. Barron claimed that he had mistaken Alexis for Jordyn. 

Reports state that later that night, Alexis walked into the bathroom and Barron followed her. She was reportedly later found partially naked on the bathroom floor. The report further states that Alexis said she did not remember Barron being in the bathroom with her, but she believed that she blacked out around that time. Barron has denied sexually assaulting Alexis.

Alexis' family members last heard from her on the evening of October 30th. When her family members were unable to get ahold of Alexis the following day, they reported her missing. Police inevitably questioned both Barron and Jordyn regarding Alexis' disappearance. Jordyn reportedly told investigators that she and Alexis were "not on speaking terms" due to an incident that she claimed was unrelated to the sexual assault. 

Despite this, though, Jordyn also told police that she drove Alexis to a local liquor store on the night of October 30th, allegedly per Alexis' request. Jordyn then stated that she saw Alexis at their apartment one last time around 12:30 AM, but when she woke up the next morning, Alexis was gone. 

Over the following week, police continued to investigate Alexis' disappearance. Their investigation kept leading them back to Barron and Jordyn. As police continued to question the two, Jordyn eventually told police where they could find Alexis. In fact, Jordyn led investigators to Alexis' body shortly thereafter at Exchange Park in Decatur. 

An autopsy later revealed that Alexis died of asphyxiation. On November 8th, 2019, Barron was arrested and charged with her murder. The next day, Jordyn was arrested and charged with murder as well. 

After their arrests, it was revealed that Barron Brantley reportedly confessed to authorities about killing Alexis. This occurred after Alexis and Jordyn got into a physical altercation at their home on the night of the murder. At some point, Barron intervened and choked Alexis to death. Afterwards, Barron and Jordyn put Alexis’ body in a plastic bin and then disposed of it in the woods at Exchange Park in Decatur. 

It was also noted that Alexis and Jordyn were best friends prior to the murder. In fact, Alexis’ family members stated that Jordyn often spent holidays with their family and was welcomed into their home. 

A spokesperson for the Crawford family explained to reporters, “It was a regular occurrence for Jordyn to spend time with Alexis’ family and to engage with Alexis’ siblings. To know that someone that they welcomed into home played a role in Alexis’ death is all the more hurtful.”

Both Barron and Jordyn remain behind bars as their cases are pending.

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