Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Murder of Sherri Terese Smith

Sherri Terese Smith was brutally murdered inside her own home on November 21st, 2011. The 32-year-old woman lived in Fairfield, Alabama at the time, and police were sent to her home during the early morning hours of November 21st in response to a burglar alarm. When the officers arrived, they found the front door of the residence slightly ajar. In the master bedroom, they found Sherri covered in blood. She had been shot and stabbed multiple times. Paramedics pronounced Sherri dead upon their arrival.

Although the police responded to Sherri’s burglar alarm going off, they stated there was otherwise no sign of forced entry at Sherri’s home. Additionally, there were no items taken from the home that would suggest burglary. Due to this, police do not believe that Sherri’s murder was a robbery gone bad. In fact, investigators believe that Sherri knew her assailant, and that the attack was personal.

Shortly after the murder occurred, police announced that found forensic evidence inside the home that they believe will lead to the capture of Sherri’s killer. However, years have passed since Sherri was murdered and no arrests have been made in case. It is unclear if police have any suspects or persons of interest, and Sherri’s murder has officially been labeled as a cold case.

Both investigators and Sherri’s loved ones are hoping that somebody with information will come forward to help solve the case. If you have any information that could aid the investigation, please call the Alabama Attorney General’s Office Cold Case Tip Line at (866) 419-1236, or email 

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