Friday, August 16, 2019

The Murder of Ashleigh Love

Ashleigh Love (19) was brutally murdered inside her family’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin home during the early morning hours of October 7th, 2009. Her murder remains unsolved to this day.

Ashleigh had recently graduated from high school before she was murdered. She was living with her parents, Tammy and Joe Love, and she had also recently gotten a new job at Arby’s. Ashleigh worked a shift there on October 6th, 2009. Then, she returned home and watched a Green Bay Packers game with her parents. According to her mother Tammy, Ashleigh took a shower and went to bed after that. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Hours later, around 2am, Tammy said she was suddenly jolted awake. She looked out the window, and saw what she thought was a man carrying a large shotgun running through their backyard. Tammy initially thought they were being robbed, but she still yelled for her husband Joe to go check on Ashleigh. Joe entered Ashleigh’s bedroom, and found a horrifying scene. He explained, “all of a sudden I just see her face was just gone. I just started screaming, ‘Who would do something like this?’”. Ashleigh had been shot point-blank in the face as she slept in her bed.

Police quickly arrived on the scene. They eventually determined that Ashleigh was not killed during a robbery, as nothing was missing from the Love’s home. This baffled both detectives and Ashleigh’s family members—they could not think of anyone who would want her dead. Detectives have interviewed and investigated Ashleigh’s family, friends and acquaintances, but they were unable to find anything that led them to a suspect. Still, detectives do not believe that Ashleigh’s murder was random. A few weeks after she was killed, detectives announced they were looking for a man they believed Ashleigh might have met online. However, this lead never panned out. Detectives are also potentially looking for more than one suspect. While it has been determined that only one person entered the Love’s house, a spokesperson for the police department stated that there is a possibility more than one person was involved.

Years have passed, and Ashleigh’s murder remains unsolved. It is believed that certain people learned who killed Ashleigh at some point after the fact, and Ashleigh’s family members are hoping that these people will come forward. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Milwaukee Police Cold Case Hotline at 414-935-1212. 

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  1. Lets see. She just graduated high school and has high potential to meet new people and looking at her I can tell she is a nice person who gets along with others well. She then got a new job at arby's meaning she can meet new people there. I wish I could see the evidences but other than that I suspect that a new person she met could have done this. Now analyzing all of this; I think maybe she could have joked around with someone at work teasing them or at school and they got offended and thought about shooting her. There are a lot of monsters out there. I think it is more likely for someone from work to kill her because it is hard for highschoolers ages to have a shotgun in their hands without it being illegal. I know if it was a high schooler than it would be illegal since it is stated that she just got into high school meaning they are around 16 or 15 under 18. So maybe someone from her work might of done it for some reason. Im guessing it wasnt the manager UNLESS she had a problem with that manager that potentially could of ruined the buisness and he or she didn't want her to be working there anymore so he could of killed her from that. But im guessing it was a worker because maybe since she just got the job it could of been frustrating having to see someone new messing everything up and tripping, burning, and other things she might of made mistakes at work that could trigger a worker. As you know though; everything has a possibility, If i had more info on the mom than i suspect her also. Hear me out; what if in her past life she wasnt able to get enough money for highschool and got jealous of her own daughter. Maybe i'm right about all of this. I know it sounds kind of crazy but thats my lead on it.