Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Disappearance of Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton (28) went missing during the early morning hours of July 16th, 2018. The mother-of-two was last seen at an apartment building in northwest Joplin, Missouri. When Sarah was first reported missing, it was believed that she was last seen near 10th Street and Rex Avenue on the east side of Joplin. This is the location where Sarah’s friend dropped her off after a night out together. Sarah reportedly told her friend that she wanted to walk the rest of the way home. A few days later, said friend brought Sarah’s purse and one of her shoes to her parent’s house. The friend told Sarah’s parents that Sarah had left the items in her car. Sarah’s mother reported her missing the following day.

A few months into the investigation, detectives learned that Sarah was seen an additional time after being dropped off by her friend. A detective working the case explained, “based on our investigation, she was actually seen later that same morning at a residence in the northwest part of Joplin.” Detectives have kept quiet about how they actually obtained this information, but it was revealed that the residence where Sarah was last seen was searched twice in December 2018. Both searches came up empty.

Sarah was struggling with addiction at the time of her disappearance. She had reportedly began using after she graduated high school. According to her mother, Sarah turned to drugs after she was the victim of a violent crime. Her drug use landed her in prison in 2010, but when she was released, Sarah was determined to turn her life around. Sarah’s mother said that she landed a steady job and stayed clean for about a year, until troubles with the father of her children led her to slipping into her old habits. In the months leading up to her disappearance, Sarah was living with her parents at their home in Joplin, however they were hoping to get her into a residential treatment program. Before they could, Sarah simply vanished.

Sarah’s mother fears that her daughter is dead. Both parents are clinging to hope that Sarah will come home safely. If you have any information that could lead to Sarah’s whereabouts, please contact the Joplin Police Department at (417) 623-3131. 


  1. It's funny they say if you have any Info call Joplin Police, i have & I've left voice mails for Detective Cooper telling him I have info, I have Emailed him very much info but he doesn't want to hear it because Sarah was affiliated at one time with a Joplin gang called the Joplin Honkies & because of that & her past he doesn't care about solving this case, i obtained a very shocking story a few weeks ago of what happened to my Cousin Sarah Burton & where it happened & who did it but they haven't even went & looked there or called the ones involved in for questioning, i considered the idea of some Hillbilly Justice but decided I'm not gonna lose my soul to the Devil, if the law wouldn't seek justice for Sarah then God eventually will. It's really sad the Corruption we have in Law enforcement but that's another part of the story.

    1. I hope you didnt release that info to the other commenter. Too many claiming to have Sarah's best interests at heart already involved. People going to possible crime scenes and "interviewing" possible suspects should be left to law enforcement, not any self proclaimed 'investigator's.
      Nothing like interferring in an open investigation and being allowed to mess up a case. At this point all her parents and family are concerned with in this moment in time, is to bring their daughter/family member home, whatever that entails. Sarah deserves to be found. Her children deserve to know their mother isn't out there lost to them somewhere.
      So many mistakes already allowed in this extremely sad case.
      And since you might be reading this, I hope when you shut your eyes at night you see Sarah's face in those last moments. I hope her words eat at you daily. The drugs won't numb what you're feeling forever. They won't keep Sarah's spirit at bay as I suspect you already have found out. The longer you try to keep it hidden, the harder the fight to reveal the truth.
      We're coming Sarah.

    2. Such a terrible ordeal she is such an awesome person. prayers

  2. I commented telling why Sarah Burton has not been found & that I was told what happened to her, Who did it, & where it happened but for some reason they don't want it published, it's really sad how far Corruption in certain police agency's has gone.

    1. o my god what is wrong people?

    2. I know Sarah met her in 2010-2011 im praying for her and id like to know what u know that they didnt print plz...Ive got my own theorys too.SOMEBODY KNOWS !! THEY THINK THEY'RE ALL GOOD BUT BET THEY WILL BE M.I.A. IF NOT ALREADY.YOU JUST DONT DO A PERSON LIKE SARAH WRONG N GET BY.....LOVE U SARAH BURTON!!

  3. Thank you Anonymous for your words of Truth. I trust Sarah will be found and justice will be served. I also believe that those involved are being haunted daily by their actions, deeds, knowledge in regards to Sarah. There are individuals with factual knowledge also, that will be haunted by this information and their lack of actions, if not already. There is no reason, your history, illegal activity, or otherwise to NOT go to the tip line at the FBI and report the facts as you know them. Sarah needs to be brought home. The longer it takes the harsher the sentence will be, both here on earth and when you meet your maker.


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