Monday, July 22, 2019

The Murder of Alisha Bromfield

Brian Cooper (36) and Alisha Bromfield (21) at Brian’s sister’s wedding on August 18th, 2012. Just hours after this photograph was taken, Brian savagely murdered Alisha inside the hotel room they shared in Door County, Wisconsin.

Despite their closeness in the above image, Brian and Alisha were not a couple. In fact, Alisha was six months pregnant with another man’s baby. Brian was actually Alisha’s boss at Home Depot, where they worked in Plainfield, Illinois. According to Alisha’s mother, Brian immediately took a liking to Alisha when she began to work for him, and the two struck up a casual friendship. Brian, however, was seeking more than friendship. He told others at work that they two were dating, but Alisha’s friends stated that the two never once went out on a date. Alisha’s mother stated that Alisha was not romantically interested in Brian and only spent time with him to preserve her position at work. This is how Alisha ended up being Brian’s date to his sister’s wedding in Door County, located around six hours away from Plainfield. Alisha expressed to her friends that she did not want to go—so when they asked her why she agreed to be his date, she replied “I need to keep this job.” The father of her child was not planning on being involved, so Alisha was terrified of losing her only source of income.

At some point after Brian and Alisha arrived in Door County, the two got into an argument. Alisha ultimately decided to end her friendship with Brian. She agreed to act as his date for the evening at his sister’s wedding, but insisted that their friendship would be over once they returned home. Brian was enraged by the thought of not being in her life anymore, and that rage continued to build as he grew gradually more intoxicated at the wedding. Once Brian and Alisha were back at their hotel room, they were laying in their respective beds when Brian attempted to make plans with Alisha that coming Sunday. Alisha reminded Brian that they would no longer be friends once they returned home. Brian then snapped and attacked Alisha on her bed. A struggle ensued, and Brian strangled Alisha—killing both her and her unborn baby. Hours later, Brian stumbled into a gas station and used the clerk’s phone to call 911 and turn himself in.

After his arrest, Brian confessed even more disturbing details. In addition to killing Alisha, Brian told investigators that he raped her postmortem. He said he took her clothes off just because he “wanted to see what she looked like naked,” but investigators soon learned that Brian had already been spying on Alisha for months. While building their case against Brian, investigators found that Brian had secretly installed cameras in one of his bathrooms when Alisha was dog-sitting for him. He also installed a camera in the bathroom of the hotel room they shared in Door County.

At trial, prosecutors stated that it was clear Brian had a sick obsession with Alisha. Brian’s defense attorneys did not deny this; however they claimed that Brian was intoxicated while he killed Alisha and therefore was too drunk to form intent when the act occurred. That apparently caught the attention of some jurors, as the jury ended up being deadlocked and the judge declared a mistrial. However, the prosecution tried him again and this time, they succeeded. It took the jury less than an hour to declare Brian guilty of all charges. He was ultimately sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.


  1. I hope the Lord keeps hell hot for that creep

    1. Word - just saw the episode Killer Beside Me - what a sicko creep he was

  2. Its a tragedy she died like that. Where were her parents, Home Depot supervisors

  3. The poor thing. If only she hadn’t fallen pregnant she would’ve been back at college.

  4. I just watched the episode too and read this seems to me she gave him false hope of something. There are plenty of jobs out there yet she put up with this and stayed there. I hope he rots in hell put comeon you putting up with all this.

  5. This is tragic & I hope he never gets out of jail. To the a**hole who said she was giving him false hope - go straight to hell. That young woman was trying to survive as a single woman with no other income and no one returning her calls for other jobs. I don't care if she danced naked in front of him, no human being deserves to be harassed while trying to make a living, murdered, and raped.

    I just wish her parents would have made her pack up her apartment and move home until she could find something better/safer, but I'm sure they didn't imagine things would go this far.

  6. If dark is the night I am the knight if vengeance is not sought I'm vengeance if you you for some reason make it out of prison I'm there to make sure you'll want to return.


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