Monday, July 29, 2019

The Brutal Murder of Heather Stamper

Heather Stamper (31) was brutally murdered by her boyfriend Steven Pierce (45) inside her own home on July 9th, 2016. The couple lived in Delaware City, Delaware at the time. On the evening of the murder, Steven was sent into a jealous rage after he thought he saw Heather texting her ex-boyfriend. Heather and Steven got into a heated argument that resulted in Heather ending the relationship. The two were reportedly seen arguing in the street that night before Heather returned home. 

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Steven Pierce
Still fueled by his jealous rage, Steven went to a friend's house and asked to borrow a gun. His request was declined. Said friend then observed Steven angrily ripping up his car seat covers. He also reportedly told his friend he wanted to kill Heather. The friend refused to provide Steven with a weapon, so he then went to another friend's house. There, Steven asked for a gun and a rosary. He was then heard saying, "This is my last night of freedom. I am going to be a lifer come tomorrow." 

Later that evening, Steven went to Heather's house. Her roommate let him inside, and later reported hearing loud noises coming from Heather's basement bedroom. Around 15 minutes later, Steven emerged from Heather's room crying, saying that his relationship with Heather was over. Before leaving, he said "We broke up. I'll never see that bitch again." Unbeknownst to Heather's roommate, Heather was dead. Steven had bludgeoned her to death. 

Steven returned to Heather's home the following day and called 911, stating that he had found his girlfriend dead in her bedroom. Police arrived on the scene, and it was immediately clear to them that Heather had been murdered. Her cause of death was eventually ruled as blunt force trauma. However, no arrests were made at the time. Finally, though, in October 2016, Steven was arrested and charged with Heather's murder.

Steven went to trial in April 2019. He was ultimately found guilty of first-degree murder. In July 2019, he was sentenced to life in prison plus an additional 25 years. 



  1. Through police reports and online records you can see Pierce changed his story several times. Initially he tried to imply Stamper had committed suicide telling police "she had been feeling suicidal lately" and that her wrists were CUT. When it became clear the police were investigating a murder, Pierce tried to cover his tracks and play innocent. He even went so far as to comment on her online obituary, calling her a pet name and asking why someone would take her from him. Earlier in 2016, Pierce was accused on sexual abuse of a minor, as well as physical and abuse and threats to the lives of his WIFE (to whom he was married to while having an affair with Stamper) and his step children. Upon accusations of sexual abuse, Pierce fled new castle county and began living with Stamper full time. ELSMERE POLICE and the new castle county court system did not do enough to protect the public from the menace that Pierce was (and had been for many years)

    1. I used to hang out with him back in the day cruising the backroads drinking and having a good time . It's a shame he threw his life away

  2. you know you did not use to hangout with him