Monday, June 17, 2019

The Murder of Keaira Henderson

Keaira Henderson (left), Gavin Henderson (right)

Keaira Henderson was only 15 years-old when she was brutally murdered by her own brother, 27-year-old Gavin Henderson, on June 18th, 2018.

Gavin had moved in with his mother and his siblings at their home in Dunwoody, Georgia the previous year. At that time, he had recently been released from prison in Florida after serving several years behind bars for violent crimes. Gavin had violent tendencies towards his family members once he moved home, as well. In fact, prior to Keaira’s death, Gavin pulled a knife on another one of his sisters. Nobody called the police at that time; the family stated that they dealt with the incident privately.

On June 18th, Gavin violently struck again. This time, the results were fatal. Gavin and Keaira’s 12-year-old sister told police that Gavin grew enraged around 3pm, when he had to use the bathroom but couldn’t because Keaira was in there, and she was taking too long. By the time Keaira finally did leave the bathroom, it was too late—Gavin was already too angry. He then grabbed a 10-inch hunting style knife and chased Keaira outside. Keaira began banging on her neighbor’s doors for help, but nobody answered the door. Their terrified 12-year-old sister called their mother at work, who then called the police as she rushed home. Then, the 12-year-old opened the front door and witnessed a horrific sight: her brother Gavin was stabbing her sister Keaira as Keaira screamed and begged for him to stop.

Gavin then left the scene and went to a nearby convenience store, covered in blood. He told the clerk there was an accident and asked him to call 911. Police arrested him when they arrived. Meanwhile, as first responders approached Keaira, they immediately knew she had been stabbed too many times to survive the attack. She died shortly thereafter. It was later revealed that Keaira had been stabbed a total of 53 times.

In July 2021, Gavin was found guilty of aggravated assault, cruelty to children and possession of a knife during the commission of a felony in the death of Keaira Henderson. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.



  1. dang is this real or fake im like crying right now

    1. yes it’s real, i went to school with her

    2. I did too it’s real. I miss her daily @eadie_justin on ig to whoever the other anonymous is

  2. i tried stabbing the air just as many times and got tired before halfway..couldnt rap my head around someone doing this over five times let alone ...53 TIMES?!!!?
    this is just sick