Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Disappearance and Death of Danniella Vian

Danniella Vian went missing since July 17th, 2018. That day initially began as an exciting day for the 25 year-old woman, as she bought her very own car for the first time that morning. She was driven to the car dealership in Mobile, Alabama by Julie Thomas–the mother of Danniella’s boyfriend and the legal custodian of Danniella’s 4 year-old daughter Cora. 

Later that evening, to celebrate the purchase of her new car, Danniella met up with her friend Randy Capps at a restaurant where he worked as a bartender. Danniella and Randy were joined by a woman and a man named Denson White. The couple and Danniella decided to go to a second bar to wait for Randy to finish his shift. They each drove in separate cars. Once Randy finished working, he texted the group and asked them to meet him at another bar. The three of them got into their respective cars once again and then headed towards the third bar. During the drive there, Danniella and Denson pulled into a gas station parking lot where Danniella told Denson that she left her phone at the previous bar. Denson agreed to lead Danniella back to the bar so she could retrieve it. He said that she followed him for most of the trip, however once he pulled up to the bar, Danniella was no longer behind him. Denson then went into the bar himself and found her phone. He waited for her for about 20 minutes before leaving and meeting the others at the third bar. Danniella never showed up.

The following morning, Julie received a phone call from Denson. He introduced himself as Danniella’s new friend and said that he had her phone, and he wanted to know how he could get it back to her. Julie told Denson to bring it to Danniella’s job at PF Chang’s. At this point, Julie was not worried, as Danniella would often lose her phone at various places. Later, though, when Danniella did not return home in the evening, Julie began to worry. The worries continued to grow the following morning, when Denson called Julie once again to say that he was still in possession of Danniella’s phone. Julie then asked Denson to meet her at the police station to report Danniella missing. Denson told his version of events to the police, and it was determined that none of Danniella’s friends or loved ones have seen or heard from her since she headed back to the second bar that night.

Danniella’s car and all of her other personal items disappeared with her as well. It seemed as if all traces of her had vanished, however in September 2018, police searched property in Theodore, Alabama in connection with Danniella’s disappearance. The property is owned by 36 year-old Jason Dykes–who happens to be a cousin of Danniella’s ex-boyfriend. Investigators reportedly did not find any sign of Danniella there, but they still arrested Jason for holding another woman hostage. The woman had reportedly moved in with Jason, but after she settled in, he reportedly held her hostage, raped her, and beat her. He remains behind bars today for those charges, and has not been named as a suspect in Danniella’s case at this time.

Months after Danniella's disappearance, in early May 2019, a search team of divers found Danniella's car in Bayou Sara. Human remains were inside the vehicle, but investigators were not immediately able to identify the body as Danniella. However, after the body was found, police began to investigate the case as a homicide. Eventually, though, the remains were identified as that of Danniella Vian, and at that time, police announced that they believe Danniella's death was an accident, and that she was alive when were vehicle entered the water. The investigation is still ongoing. 


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