Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Disappearance of Jackson Miller

Jackson Miller vanished at the age of 19 on May 15th, 2010. He left his family’s Cupertino, California home that day and drove his car to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Jackson parked his car around 4:10pm that day. He left his wallet, cell phone, and iPod inside the vehicle. Jackson’s family inevitably feared the worst once they learned his car had been abandoned on the bridge with his personal belongings inside—especially because he had recently been suffering from depression and anxiety due to medication withdrawal. However, surveillance cameras on the bridge did not capture any person jumping that day, nor did any bodies wash up on shore. 

In the days following Jackson’s disappearance, there were a few possible sightings of him in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. These sightings were never confirmed, and the case seemed to go cold after that. Then, nearly four years later in 2014, a Lake Tahoe resident contacted the police and stated that Jackson had been seen numerous times in the South Lake Tahoe area. The police announced that the caller seemed very confident that this person is Jackson, but unfortunately the sightings have never been confirmed. 

Years have passed since the possible Tahoe sightings, and Jackson still remains missing today. News about the investigation into his disappearance is very scarce. At a certain point, his family members theorized Jackson might have been staying in a homeless shelter in the San Francisco area, but it is unclear if they still suspect this. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department is primarily in charge of investigating Jackson’s case. If you have any information that could held the investigation, please contact them at 408-808-4720. You can also contact the South Tahoe dispatch at 530-542-6100.

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