Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Today in True Crime: The Disappearance of Marizela Perez

Marizela Perez, age 18 
18 year old Marizela Perez was a freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle when she vanished on March 5th, 2011. On that day, Marizela left her home in the Rainier Beach area to head to the university’s campus, but she never arrived there, and never returned home as planned. Her last known location was a Safeway grocery store near the university, where she was seen between 2 and 3 pm. While shopping, Marizela purchased orange juice, trash bags, Tylenol and over-the-counter sleeping medicine. She left the store with those items and then seemingly vanished; she has not been seen or heard from since. The last activity on her phone was a text message that was sent to her around 2:45pm. After that, Marizela’s phone was turned off and has still never been recovered.

Marizela lived with her aunt and uncle at the time of her disappearance. She is originally from New Jersey, but had recently moved to Seattle for college. Marizela’s family members said that she was depressed in the months before her disappearance, since her grandfather had recently passed away and she had also recently ended a relationship. A private investigator hired by the family believes that Marizela committed suicide. However, her family said that she seemed happy in the days leading up to her disappearance and they do not believe she was suicidal. Over the years since her disappearance, Marizela’s family has expressed frustration towards the law enforcement working on her case. Due to the fact that there is no evidence that a crime was committed, police are unable to obtain a warrant to get access to Marizela’s Internet and cell phone records. Therefore, it is currently unknown whether or not Marizela was in contact via Internet or cell phone with somebody who might have information on her disappearance. It is also currently unknown if any of her Internet searches or activities alluded to suicide. Without this information, investigators do not have very many leads to follow in her case.

Marizela remains missing today. If you have any information about Marizela’s whereabouts, please contact the Seattle police department here.


  1. I almost feel like they should be able to obtain warrants for online and cellphone activity if they believe a person is in danger whether a crime has been committed or not. For exaple: via some sort of a report that the private investigator can fill out saying that he believes she committed suicide. Which would be proof that investigators think she's in danger. If that makes any sense.

    1. Yea what a load of crap that they can’t get her cell and internet records! She’s missing for petes sake.