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The Murder of Heidi Cunningham

Source: Virginia State Police

Heidi Cunningham was found murdered inside her home in Chesterfield County, Virginia on May 5th, 2008. The 38-year-old woman's death was discovered after her parents called police to request a welfare check on their daughter. When officers arrived at Heidi's residence at the Bristol Village complex, they found her deceased inside her apartment. An autopsy later confirmed that Heidi had been strangled to death.

Bristol Village apartment complex. Source: YouTube

Heidi had moved into the Bristol Village apartment complex after separating from her husband. The couple had three children together; all three of them lived with their faither at the time of Heidi's death. Early into the investigation, police told reporters that they didn't have any reason to believe that Heidi's murder was "domestic-related." 

Neighbors of Heidi were interviewed by CBS 6 shortly after the murder. One of the interviewees later posted a video with clips of the interview to YouTube. In the video, it's mentioned that Heidi's husband told reporters "off-camera" that his wife "had a drinking problem and he wasn't satisfied with her rehab results." As a result, Heidi's husband asked her to move out of the family home; subsequently leading to their separation. 

Although there might have been tension between Heidi and her husband at the time of her murder, it does not appear that the husband is a suspect. In fact, several years have passed without any suspects in the case. There have been very few reports about Heidi's murder, and details about the investigation are unknown. The events leading up to Heidi's death, including the individuals she might have interacted with before her murder, are unknown as well. 

The Virginia State Police have classified this murder as a cold case. It remains unsolved today. If you have any information that could help solve the murder of Heidi Cunningham, please contact investigators at 804-717-6024 or submit a tip online. 

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