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The Disappearance of Colin Arey

source: Facebook

Colin Arey has been missing since January 25th, 2017. The then-26-year-old man was last seen in Brewer, Maine. According to reports, Colin's stepfather dropped him off at the Brewer Civic Center on the day of his disappearance. He has never been seen by his loved ones again.

That same day, Colin reportedly spoke to a co-worker via Facebook Messenger. This is the last known reported contact from him; he has also never been heard from again. Since then, Colin's social media accounts, bank accounts, and credit cards have all been inactive. 

Prior to disappearing, Colin was an art student in New York City. He eventually moved to Bucksport, Maine, where his stepfather and siblings reside. For some time period, Colin reportedly worked as a substitute teacher and education technician at the G. Herbert Jewett School in Bucksport.

Colin was not reported missing until June 25th, 2018 - nearly a year and a half after his disappearance. An article about his disappearance from August 2018 states it took some time for his family to realize he was missing. The report states, "Colin Arey's family members were talking recently, and it was determined that the last confirmed sighting was in January of 2017, when a family member gave him a ride to the Brewer area. Family members told Bucksport Police, when they called recently to report him missing, that they're close, but that they don't have regular, daily contact with each other."

There has been very little media reporting on his case. However, there has been a bit of online speculation. Friends of Colin's have made various postings on different platforms to help spread awareness about his disappearance, which has sparked discussion about what might have happened to him. 

In 2021, a friend of Colin's made a post on Reddit about his disappearance. The friend commented, "He lived with his stepfather and siblings, his mother is deceased. He didn’t drive so his stepfather would drive him to work and wherever he needed to go. I’ve spoken with his relatives, and they seem to think that he is dead at the hands of his stepfather. The local police haven’t done a whole lot to bring attention to the case. He was also a gay man and was in the online dating scene in the area. This is all I really know about the case and as time goes on it bothers me more and more."

It is easy to see how some might suspect the stepfather. Reports state that he was the last known person to have seen Colin. It also appears that Colin lived with the stepfather at the time of his disappearance, yet the stepfather never reported him missing. It seems impossible that the stepfather/siblings would not notice that Colin was missing for over a year. 

Still, the stepfather has never been publicly named as a person of interest or suspect in the case - nor has anybody. Colin's disappearance has now become a cold case. The Bucksport Police are in charge of the investigation.

If you have any information that could lead to Colin's whereabouts, please contact Bucksport Police Department at 207-469-7951.

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