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The Murder of Jeremy Jackson


Jeremy Jackson was only 30 years-old when he was found brutally murdered on June 10th, 2017. The young man lived in Jackson, Mississippi - as did many of his family members. On the day Jeremy was found, his older brother received a text message containing a picture of a severed head placed upon front porch steps of a local home. It was immediately clear that the severed head belonged to Jeremy.

A few hours later, the rest of Jeremy's body was found less than a mile away. His body had experienced trauma, including severe burns and a gunshot wound to the leg. However, an autopsy later confirmed that Jeremy died by decapitation - meaning he was still alive up until the moment his head was decapitated. His head was then placed on porch steps where it could be seen by passersby.


Jeremy's family members are baffled by his murder. He was raising three children and working towards his master's degree at the time of his death. His older brother Corey reported that he last saw Jeremy alive a day earlier, and nothing seemed unusual. He had driven him to a job interview that day, and he was offered the position.
Corey explained that Jeremy "didn’t seem worried or scared like something was going to happen to him or someone was looking for him." 

By all accounts, it appeared that Jeremy was doing well before his death. So, what led to him being murdered in such a brutal way? Unfortunately, Jeremy's murder remains unsolved - but there are a few theories about the killer(s).


An experienced killer.

Forensic criminal experts believe that Jeremy's killer(s) are experienced. The nature of the crime fits the criteria of a prolific criminal. Criminal psychologist Kaitlyn Hampshire stated that "she believes there was more than one perpetrator because of how difficult it would be to cleanly cut through tough skin and the spinal column." 

Experts also believe that this was not the work of a first-time killer. This is inevitably concerning to people in the community of Jackson - and it also raises even more questions about how Jeremy and this person crossed paths.

Gangs in Mississippi.

There has been speculation that Jeremy's death was gang related. Gang experts have confirmed the presence of the MS-13 gang in Mississippi. Reports state that the MS-13 gang has been known to decapitate and burn bodies - which matches how Jeremy was killed. 

Still, detectives have yet to publicly comment on whether or not they believe MS-13 is involved in Jeremy's murder. They also have not commented on whether or not they found any link between Jeremy and MS-13 or any other gang. While it may seem plausible, forensic experts also maintain that Jeremy's murderer may be a "copycat killer trying to confuse investigators."

A message.

Jeremy's family members believe that Jeremy's brutal murder was meant to send a message. Shortly after his death, Jeremy's other older brother, Johnny Jackson, stated that he believes his brother was targeted for a reason. Johnny was quoted saying, "From my speculation it was a message sent from somebody or to the city because you just don't kill somebody in the bushes then take their head and put in on display. They displayed him and you could ride down the street and see it on the step. To me, it was a message to somebody."

Both local residents and authorities have expressed beliefs that the killer was trying to send a message as well. The way Jeremy's head was displayed openly indicates that the killer(s) wanted him to be seen. But the question still remains: why?

Where the case stands today.

Jeremy's murder remains unsolved. There is a monetary reward available for anyone with information that could lead to the killer(s). If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact Jackson Police at (601) 960-1234.

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