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The Disappearance of Kamaria Johnson

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Kamaria Johnson vanished in May 2021. Before vanishing, the then-16-year-old lived in Radcliff, Kentucky with her father, stepmother, and siblings. According to her father, Kamaria ran away after they got into an argument during the early-morning hours of May 26th. After leaving her home, Kamaria reportedly walked for over four hours until she got to a gas station in Hog Wallow. Once there, she was picked up by a man in a white car, who later said that he dropped her off at another nearby gas station.  

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Surveillance footage confirmed that Kamaria did, in fact, get dropped off at a gas station off Highway 60. The footage showed Kamaria entering the store, using the bathroom, then exiting on foot. She vanished very shortly thereafter.

Although Kamaria’s father said that she ran away after an argument, her brothers claimed there is more to the story. According to one of the brothers, their father “stomped” on Kamaria’s head, took away her cell phone, and locked her out of the house. Another brother corroborated this story, and said that he overheard their father tell Kamaria, “In the morning, you’ll be out of this house.”

Kamaria’s father reportedly went to work after this altercation, and Kamaria herself left the house. She left without her glasses, wallet, cell phone, and identification. Her father claimed that he noticed she was missing once he returned from work, and a missing person’s report was later filed. 

Kamaria’s family members posted about her disappearance online, which caught the attention of the man who picked her up at the gas station in Hog Wallow. Said man subsequently reached out to the family and explained that he dropped her off at the other gas station. Surveillance footage from the gas station seemingly confirms this man’s story, and he was not considered a suspect in the case. 

Scent-tracking dogs reportedly tracked Kamaria’s scent for more than 5 miles along Highway 60, but then it abruptly ended. It’s possible that she was picked up by another motorist at that point. 
UPDATE (December 2022): Kamaria has been found alive. 

Reports state she was located safely in Memphis, Tennessee after she decided to reach out to her mother. Kamaria reportedly ran away to escape the abuse she endured at her father's home. After turning 18, she contacted her mother. Kamaria has since reunited with her mother in Kentucky. 

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