Friday, July 8, 2022

The Murder of Kendra Dobyns


During the early-morning hours of June 1st, 2012, the New Castle County Police received a call about a young woman lying on the side of the road on Pyles Lane. When first responders arrived on the scene, they found the body of 19-year-old Kendra Dobyns. She had been shot multiple times.

Kendra is originally from Elkton, Delaware. She was four months pregnant at the time of her death. When the news about Kendra's murder first broke, the reports stated that detectives were conducting interviews and attempting to retrace Kendra's steps on the night of her death. Since then, police have not released any further updates in the case. 

While police have remained quiet about the investigation, Kendra's friends have been very open on social media about who they think killed her. Several people have posted on Facebook that they believe the father of Kendra's unborn child is responsible for her death. Many have also placed blame upon police in Delaware for their lack of action in the case.


In 2018, a Facebook page called Cold Case NCCPD shared a post about Kendra's case. One person commented on the post, "Someone had to of seen her in that area. Who was she pregnant by and who did she hang with??"

In response, one if Kendra's friends replied the following:

This friend is just one of several people on this Facebook thread that speculate about the father of the unborn child being Kendra's killer. Kendra's sister also commented on the thread stating that the man in question was questioned and let go. However, the sister still believes that he was involved in Kendra's death. She commented:

Other people commented stating that they believed the father of Kendra's child set Kendra up. Some people speculate that he hired or bribed someone into killing Kendra, while others believe the man himself is the one that killed her. Either way, the general consensus on the Facebook thread is that the father of Kendra's child is, at the very least, involved in her murder.

The friend who commented on the thread also stated that she believes several people are aware that the baby's father killed Kendra, but nobody is speaking up. She posted:

This friend also stated that she has told the police everything she knows about what she thinks happened to Kendra, but the police have failed to act. Many other people commented in the thread, expressing that both the police system AND the justice system in Delaware are very flawed. It appears that Kendra's murder is part of an even larger problem involving unsolved violent crime in the state of Delaware. Here are just some of the few posts on the Facebook thread that indicate this serious issue:

Post from Kendra's sister 

It is worth noting that none of the things stated in these Facebook posts have been confirmed, however it appears that many citizens of the state of Delaware feel that the police do not help protect or bring justice to the people. 

The murder of Kendra Dobyns remains unsolved today. If you have any information that could help convict her killer, please submit a tip.

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