Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Death of Rebecca Fink

Rebecca Fink (35) was killed after her boyfriend, Juan Rivera (47), ran her over with a vehicle on January 29th, 2022. Rebecca, a mother-of-seven, lived in Oswego, New York. On the day Rebecca was killed, she was riding in the car with Juan Rivera when he crashed into a pole in the Town of Mexico. The couple began to argue following the crash, and Rebecca got out of the vehicle. 

The domestic dispute did not end there. Rebecca and Rivera continued to argue. The argument ended with Rivera running Rebecca over with his car. Rivera then placed an injured Rebecca in the backseat of his car before driving away from the scene. He later abandoned the car on the side of West Stone Road in New Haven - located approximately six miles away from the crash site.

Rebecca was transported to a nearby hospital, where she unfortunately died from her injuries. Over the next few months, authorities in Oswego County investigated Rebecca's case. Eventually, the investigation revealed that Juan Rivera caused her death. He was finally arrested and charged with manslaughter in July 2022. Rivera was also charged with leaving the scene of an incident resulting in death.

Juan Rivera

Rivera has an extensive criminal record, but this incident has shocked those who know him. In fact, a police officer who arrested Rivera several times in the past sad that even he did not expect something like to happen. In a Facebook post about Rivera's arrest, the police officer commented, "Arrested this dude many times over the years but did not expect him to be capable of this." 

Certain people who knew/were close to Rebecca commented on the Facebook post as well. Some of the posts indicate that they had concerns about her relationship with Rivera prior to her death. Tragically, Rebecca now leaves behind her seven children and several other family members and friends. Rivera's arrest is the first step in Rebecca's loved ones receiving justice for her death.

Rivera is being charged by Oswego County. The case is currently pending.

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  1. She was so young. She was my Aunt. Kojak(Juan) came around pretty often. He texted her on facebook while i was next to her and it was a anonymous account. he said ïts Koj¨ Later that night he came over and my Aunt was a party person. SHe was drinking and he was all over her. From the minuet we saw him we knew he was trouble. I want her story to be heard. i dont want her labled as his Girlfriend becaudse in reality he drugged and manipulated her.