Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Disappearance of Marion McCleneghan-Sodo


Marion McCleneghan-Sodo has been missing since February 2010. The then-40-year-old woman was last seen in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, New York. Marion spent the evening of February 5th and the early morning hours of February 6th at a party on 14th Street and 7th Avenue—located approximately 12 doors away from her own residence. The party was hosted by Richard Eric Sosa, a man whom Marion had been dating at the time. The couple reportedly got into an argument during the party, prompting Marion to angrily leave around 2:00 AM. Her loved ones have never seen or heard from her again. 

After Marion was reported missing, a local bodega owner came forward and stated that he saw Marion on February 7th, a whole day after she was seen leaving the party. The bodega owner said that Marion was upset when she approached him. She reportedly told him she had stopped in to say goodbye. The bodega owner explained that Marion said she was going to Long Island. This is the last reported sighting of Marion. After that, she seemingly vanished into thin air.

Although the bodega owner claimed Marion said she was going to Long Island, there is no evidence that she went to that area. The only known connection Marion has to Long Island is her brother, who lives there—but he has not seen or heard from her. Shortly after Marion was reported missing, her husband Ben Sodo stated that he did not believe Marion left on her own accord. According to Ben, Marion was in a happy place in her life. She had been receiving treatment for anxiety and appeared to be doing well. Marion had also recently gotten a new job at a medical marketing firm. Although Ben and Marion were separated at the time of her disappearance, they were friendly and were still in daily contact. Ben described Marion's disappearance as extremely out-of-character.

It was noted that two laptops and two of Marion's handwritten journals were missing from her apartment. However, there were many other personal items left behind such as Marion's cell phone, driver's license, and $300 in cash. Her cell phone, email, and bank accounts have not been accessed since February 6th, 2010. 

There have been inevitable questions about Marion's boyfriend Richard. Neighbors and partygoers had both reported seeing and hearing the couple argue shortly before Marion's disappearance. Police questioned him, and he has maintained that Marion left his residence during the early morning hours of February 6th, and he has never seen or heard from her again. Reports state that Richard was initially cooperative with the investigation, but when he was asked to take a polygraph, he got a lawyer. Still, it appears that police are not treating him as a suspect.

Marion remains missing today. There have been very few updates on her case, especially in more recent years. The NYPD are in charge of Marion's case. If you have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please submit a tip.

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