Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Disappearance of Alasia Hill


Alasia Hill has been missing since March 2021. The then-23-year-old was last seen in Detroit, Michigan. Alasia was experiencing health issues prior to her disappearance. In fact, she spent most of the month of February hospitalized with an infection. The infection led to Alasia being placed into a medically induced coma. Due to complications, a decision had to be made to amputate Alasia's hand while she was still in the coma. 

Alasia's mother, Charisma Carucci, last saw Alasia at a doctor's appointment on March 10th, 2021. During the appointment, Alasia had her stitches from the hand amputation removed. Afterwards, Alasia went home with her boyfriend, Marlon Billingslea. She spoke to her mother on the phone later that day to update her on how she was doing. Alasia's family members have not seen or heard from her again.

Alasia did not have a phone at the time of her disappearance, so she used Marlon's phone to communicate with her family. On March 11th, 2021, Alasia's mother Charisma called Marlon to ask to speak with Alasia. When Marlon answered the phone, he said that he did not know was Alasia was. He explained that she left the home earlier that day without saying where she was going. Marlon said he tried to follow her when she left, but he eventually decided to just let her go. 

Both Charisma and Marlon have stated that Alasia has run off before in the past, but she has never been gone for this long. In a report about Alasia's disappearance, Marlon explained "It’s not the first time she’s run off like this, you know. So, I stopped following her… figured she’d be back. But she’s never been gone this long." Alasia's family members do not believe she would go this long without contacting her two children, who live with their grandparents. She was also usually very active on social media, but she has not updated any of her social media pages since March 6th, 2021. 

It should be noted that the last known corroborated sighting of Alasia occurred at the doctor's appointment on March 10th. It's unclear if police have evidence of anyone, other than Marlon, seeing her on March 11th. Marlon has not been publicly named as a suspect or person-of-interest, but most reports on Alasia's case state that she was last seen at the doctor's appointment.

Due to Alasia's health conditions, the concerns for her safety have increased. Her mother reports that Alasia "was not physically fit" at the time of her disappearance. Alasia was also still recovering from surgery when she vanished. 

Alasia remains missing today. If you have any information that could help lead to her whereabouts, please contact the Detroit Police Department’s Sixth Precinct’s Investigative Unit at 313-596-5640.

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