Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Murder of Heather and Kira Radcliffe

Heather Radcliffe (28) and her daughter Kira Radcliffe (6) were brutally murdered inside their own home during the early-morning hours of December 9th, 2006. Their murders remain unsolved to this day.

Heather was raising Kira in Gainesville, Florida. Many described Heather as friendly, hardworking, and straightforward. She worked at a tree-trimming company and was the boss to a team of employees. Heather was also described as a loving and dedicated mother. In December 2006, she was looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holiday with Kira. Unfortunately, before they could, their time got cut short.

Police and the fire department were called to Heather's home around 6:30 AM on December 9th, after a neighbor noticed that flames were erupting from the roof of the house. It was initially believed that the fire was caused by an electrical issue. Tragically, upon closer inspection, it became clear that this was not the case. After the fire was put out, authorities searched the house for any victims. Kira was found first, near the living room just inches away from a phone. It appeared that the little girl had tried to call for help. Heather was found in her bedroom. Their dog was found in the office with the door closed. Investigators also noticed that the fire had two separate starting points. The first starting point was in Heather's bedroom; the ignition point being her mattress. The second starting point was in Kira's bedroom. 

An autopsy confirmed that Heather had been shot three times-once in the chest and twice in the head. It's believed that Kira was awoken by the gunfire, and that the assailant attacked Kira after she tried to use her mother's phone to call for help. It's also believed that the killer left their house and then returned shortly thereafter with gasoline to start the fires. Kira died of a combination of both strangulation and smoke inhalation. 

Years have passed without any answers in their case. Investigators looked into Kira's father, but he was cleared after his alibi was established. Investigators also looked into Heather's also ex-boyfriends and her male employees, but so far no arrests have been made. However, investigators have revealed that Heather and Kira were likely killed by someone Heather knew and allowed into her house. Heather's loved ones revealed that she often put their dog in the office when she was expecting a visitor. Additionally, the front door was unlocked.  Even knowing this information, a motive for Heather's murder remains unclear.

This case is still open, and Heather and Kira's loved ones are hoping to see justice some day. If you have any information that could lead to the killer, please call (352) 372-7867 to submit an anonymous tip. 


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