Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Murder of Taymir Germany

Taymir Germany was only 17 years-old when he was tragically murdered on October 29th, 2016. The teen lived with his family in Wilmington, Delaware, and he was a senior in high school at the time of his death. Taymir was well-liked in the community and was not known to cause trouble. This makes Taymir's death all the more baffling, and a motive for his murder remains unknown. 

On the weekend of his death, Taymir traveled to Chester, Pennsylvania to visit friends. Investigators have not revealed the identities of the people Taymir visited, and it is unclear if they are considered suspects in the case. It was also noted that some of Taymir's relatives live in Chester-but they live on the side of town opposite from where Taymir was found. It is unknown if Taymir saw those relatives while visiting Chester.

What is known is that Taymir's body was found on the evening of October 29th. Reports state that someone walking through the woods stumbled upon Taymir's body near 11th and Palmer in Chester. He had been shot in the torso and left alone to die. 

Taymir did not have any identification on him when he was found, so it took a few days for his body to be identified. Once it was confirmed that the body was Taymir, his family members were left with more questions than answers. His mother stated that "[Taymir] was in the car with some guys, led to that area, taken through the woods, and assassinated." However, another report states that Taymir was shot while riding in the car, and then his body was placed in the woods after the fact. Investigators have not confirmed either version of events. 

Taymir's murder remains unsolved. If you have any information that could lead to his killer(s), please contact authorities in Chester at 610-447-7908, or authorities in Delaware County at 610-891-4700.

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