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The Murder of Brittany McGlone

Brittany McGlone was only 19 years-old when she was brutally murdered in Winnsboro, Texas on May 4th, 2007. 

Brittany was killed at her boyfriend's family's house. She reportedly spent the previous evening working an overnight shift at Lowe's Distribution Center. According to her family, Brittany usually went back to her own home after working an overnight shift--but on this day, she opted to go straight to her boyfriend's house.

It is believed that she arrived at her boyfriend's house around 7 AM and went to sleep in his bed shortly thereafter. Brittany's boyfriend and his family members left the house while she was sleeping. When Brittany's boyfriend and his family members returned that afternoon, they found a gruesome scene: Brittany had been savagely murdered.

Investigators later determined that Brittany had been assaulted and beaten at some point between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. An autopsy ruled that she had died from massive head trauma. The Wood County Sheriff's Department inevitably looked at Brittany's boyfriend and his family members when they began investigating her murder - and all of them were eventually cleared. All had solid alibis that were confirmed through both surveillance and cell phone pings. 

Brittany's family members actually had another suspect in mind: a man named Chad Carr. Chad was dating Brittany's boyfriend's sister at the time of the murder. He also has quite a lengthy criminal record with prior charges for burglary, sexual assault, and assault with a deadly weapon. Chad became the main focus of the investigation as time went on. 

However, in the years that passed since the murder, Brittany's family members grew increasingly more frustrated with the authorities from Wood County Sheriff's Department. Despite having a suspect, there would be many bumps in the road throughout this investigation.

A faulty investigation.

Various people have stated that Brittany's murder scene was mishandled and was possibly contaminated by law enforcement. In 2010, Brittany's sister Hope McGlone posted the following to a forum discussion about Brittany's case: "DNA results came back and we were told no one BUT Brittany's DNA was found. We were told whoever killed her was wrapped in saran wrap. I dont know how thats possible." 

In 2019, Hope wrote to Wood County Monitor to express her family's frustrations about the lack of communication from investigators. She wrote that she and her family members feel that Brittany has been forgotten, and that the investigators lack sensitivity when family members reach out to inquire about the case.

A turn in the case.

Finally, in 2021, a new investigator took over Brittany's case. It was at that point that authorities decided to chase the leads involving Chad Carr a bit more thoroughly. After reviewing the evidence, the new investigators noted that a pair of women's underwear had been found at Chad's house that were consistent with the size Brittany wore. It was also noted that Brittany's underwear was missing from the scene where the was found murdered.

Information from the girlfriend.

At the time of Brittany's murder, Chad Carr was dating a girl named Velva. As previously stated, Velva is the sister of Brittany's boyfriend. Approximately 8 months after Brittany's murder, Velva decided to meet with the lead investigator on Brittany's case. She explained that Chad had suspicious behavior on the day Brittany was found murdered. Additionally, Velva mentioned that Chad had a growing resentment against Brittany, as she was allowed to spend the night at the home, but Chad was not. 

Further evidence.

In addition to the information provided by Velva, investigators had even more reason to suspect Chad. There were reported holes in his alibi, and he also failed a polygraph exam relating to the case. Chad also had a history of aggravated assault; he reportedly had previously assaulted another woman in a similar fashion to the way in which Brittany was found murdered.

An arrest.

Although it appears that authorities had all the aforementioned information as early as 2008, it seems that it did not become central to the investigation until 2021 - when a new sheriff took office. On September 1st, 2021, Chad Carr was arrested and charged with Brittany's murder. 

The Grand Jury.

After Chad's arrest, Brittany's family members felt they were finally on the road to receiving justice. Unfortunately, this would never come to fruition. In November of 2021, a grand jury voted to not indict Chad on these capital murder charges. For whatever reason, they were unable to find enough probable cause to move forward with the charges. Investigators note that if more evidence is found, it's possible that Chad will be charged again.

An unsolved case.

Despite the fact that Chad Carr remains the one and only suspect, Brittany's case remains unsolved. Investigators are still searching for information that may solve the case once and for all. If you have any information that could help solve Brittany's case, please call (903) 763-2274 to submit an anonymous tip.


  1. There is a correction that needs to be made. It says Chad Carr was dating Brittany's sister. He was not. He was dating Brittany's boyfriend's sister.

  2. There is a correction that needs to be made. It says Chad Carr was dating Brittany's sister. He was not. He was dating Brittany's boyfriend's sister.

  3. There is a correction that needs to be made. It says Chad Carr was dating Brittany's sister. He was not. He was dating Brittany's boyfriend's sister.

    1. Thank you for the clarification. Post has been edited.

  4. This case has been reopened by The Wood County Sheriff Department since January???

    1. Can you share a link or some other source proving that? I haven't found any info on that. But this post was written/posted in December 2020, obviously before January. :)

  5. Chad Carr has been arrested in the murder as of 2022!

    1. I posted too soon, they failed to indict him and he was released.