Monday, August 3, 2020

The Disappearance of Corey Kelly

Corey Kelly has been missing since September 11th, 2017. The then-19-year-old was last seen in North Charleston, South Carolina, where he lived with his mother. Corey reportedly angrily left the home around 10pm on the evening of his disappearance. He said he was going to go stay with his sister, but he left her house shortly after arriving as well. Corey never returned home and has never been seen or heard from again.

Corey's family members waited to see if he would return home or contact them before finally reporting him missing on September 25th, 2017. His family members said that it is unusual for him to leave without warning, and it is also unusual for him to stay out-of-touch for his long. News reports about Corey's disappearance state that he has a history of drug abuse and unspecified psychiatric problems. However, it is unclear if either of those things play a role in his disappearance.

Corey remains missing today. If you have any information that could lead to his whereabouts, please go here to submit an anonymous tip. 


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