Friday, March 20, 2020

The Disappearance & Murder of Elizabeth Salgado

26-year-old Elizabeth Salgado had been living in the United States for just three weeks when she vanished on April 16th, 2015. Elizabeth was born and raised in Mexico, but had recently decided to move to Provo, Utah after serving a mission for the Mormon church. Elizabeth was still learning proficiency in the English language, but she wanted to study among other Mormons and had received a scholarship to the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo. On the day of her disappearance, Elizabeth was last seen after leaving the language center around 2pm. She planned to walk 18 blocks back to her apartment, however she never made it home and was never seen again.

Elizabeth’s uncle Rudemberth Salgado was supposed to go to Wal-Mart with Elizabeth that afternoon. Rudemberth said that Elizabeth texted him for the last time at 2:39pm, and he was unable to get ahold of her after that. Later that evening, Elizabeth’s mother called Rudemberth worried because she had not heard from her. Rudemberth then went to Elizabeth’s apartment, where she lived with 3 roommates, and nobody answered the door. 

The following day, Rudemberth’s brother/Elizabeth’s other uncle Rosemberg Salgado, who lives in California, reported Elizabeth’s disappearance to Provo police. He then temporarily relocated to Provo to help search for her. From there, Rosemberg took on the role as spokesperson for the Salgado family as they pushed to get Elizabeth’s face in the media.

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Certain people grew suspicious of Rudemberth and Rosemberg early on in the search for Elizabeth. In fact, a man named Alex Villalobos organized and led four separate searches for Elizabeth before quitting due to his suspicions of the uncles. Alex said that he believed the two “cared more about raising money than finding her.”

Others said that they found the uncles’ attitudes to be “off-putting”, some even accused them of selling Elizabeth into a trafficking ring. The uncles vehemently denied any involvement in the case, and as months passed without any trace of Elizabeth, those suspicions seemed to die down amongst locals. However, these suspicions remained prevalent on the Internet. According to police, though, both men fully cooperated with the investigation.

Years passed without any trace of Elizabeth. Then, in 2018, human remains were found in some bushes near Hobble Creek Canyon, 13 miles away from where Elizabeth was last seen. On May 24th, 2018, those remains were positively identified as that of Elizabeth Salgado. 

Very little information about Elizabeth's death has been revealed, but authorities state that Elizabeth was murdered. The investigation is ongoing, but so far, no arrests have been made. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Provo police at (801) 852-6210.

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