Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Murder of Kelsey Quayle

Kelsey Quayle (28) was fatally shot while driving to work in Clayton County, Georgia on October 8th, 2018. Kelsey was an aspiring model, and she was heading towards her job in Riverdale at the time she was shot. After becoming disoriented from her injury, Kelsey began driving her car on the wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic. She crashed into three other cars and was transported to a nearby hospital. Paramedics initially thought that Kelsey was suffering from injuries from the car accident, however when she finally made it to the hospital, it was discovered that she had a bullet wound in the back of her neck as well. 

The scene of the crash
Kelsey unfortunately passed away at the hospital shortly thereafter. Both Kelsey’s loved ones and investigators are absolutely baffled by her death. Investigators were initially unsure if Kelsey was targeted, a victim of road rage, or if she was simply just caught in a crossfire. Surveillance footage from a nearby gas station revealed that Kelsey did make a stop there before she was shot. Investigators are asking anybody who saw Kelsey at the gas station that day to come forward.

A few weeks after Kelsey's death, police released surveillance footage (which can be viewed in full here) of a young man who is now considered to be a person of interest in Kelsey’s case. The video is taken from surveillance cameras on a local bus, and the man is seen approaching the bus and knocking on the door, but he eventually walks away after the driver does not open the door for him. The police are saying that this man got into an “altercation” outside of his car shortly before the shooting occurred. If you recognize this man or have any other information about Kelsey’s death please contact the authorities. 

Person of interest on surveillance
Additionally, if you have any other information that could lead to Kelsey's case being solved, please contact Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS.

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