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The Disappearance of Alyssa McLemore

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Alyssa McLemore has been missing since April 9th, 2009. Prior to her disappearance, 21-year-old Alyssa resided with her mother and grandmother at their home in Kent, Washington, but she often spent her nights at her boyfriend’s home, as he had custody of Alyssa’s 3 year-old daughter. On the evening she vanished, Alyssa spoke to her grandmother on the phone around 6:30pm. Alyssa’s mother was unfortunately dying on scleroderma, and Alyssa’s grandmother had called her to let her know that her mother’s condition had worsened. Alyssa assured her grandmother that she would come home soon, but unfortunately she never showed up and her family has not heard from her since that phone call.

Alyssa’s mother passed away three days after Alyssa was last seen. Alyssa’s family reported her missing to the authorities after they were unable to get ahold of her to let her know about her mother’s passing. Throughout the investigation, detectives learned that Alyssa’s phone called 911 on the evening of April 10th—a day after she was last seen. The dispatcher allegedly heard a woman asking for help, but the line went dead shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the phone did not have a GPS and the call could not be placed, however authorities believe that it came from the Kent area. The phone went out of service a few days later.

Once news about Alyssa’s disappearance began to spread around town, a few witnesses came forward claiming to have seen her shortly before she vanished. One witness reportedly saw her on the evening of April 9th on the corner of 30th Avenue of Kent-Des Moines. Alyssa was seen being approached by a 1990s-model pickup truck with Oregon license plates. Another witness reportedly saw Alyssa with an unidentified caucasian man in a pickup truck shortly before her disappearance as well. It is unclear if the two witnesses saw Alyssa with the same person or not.

Alyssa is considered missing under suspicious circumstances. Authorities believe that foul play was involved in her disappearance. The investigation is still ongoing. If you have any information that could lead to Alyssa’s disappearance, please contact the Kent Police Department at 253-856-5800.
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