Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Murder of Alexandra Anaya

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Alexandra (Alex) Anaya was only 13 years-old when she was brutally murdered in August 2005. The teen vanished from her family’s Hammond, Indiana home on August 13th. Just three days later, Alex’s torso was found floating in Little Calumet River in Chicago. She had been dismembered, and the rest of her body has never been recovered.

No arrests have ever been made for Alex’s death. Her mother’s ex-boyfriend was tried in federal court shortly after Alex’s disappearance on charges of stalking the family, but he was eventually acquitted. He has never been named as a suspect in Alex’s case. However, investigators do believe that Alex knew her killer.

In 2016, Special Agent Michael Anderson hinted that they knew of certain individuals who could help the investigation. Anderson explained, “[Authorities] have reason to believe that there are individuals with information pertinent to this investigation, who for whatever reason, have not come forward. It’s been more than a decade since Alex was murdered, and during that time people and relationships have changed. We are hopeful that someone will come forward now.”

Chicago’s FBI Homicide Initiative Task Force is investigating Alex’s case. Anyone who may have information on the case is being asked to call the FBI Chicago Field Office at (312) 421-6700.


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