Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Disappearance and Death of Cheyann Klus

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Cheyann Klus vanished at the age of 22 on December 1st, 2017. Around the time of her disappearance, Cheyann was going through a rough time in her life. Her mother had passed away a month earlier, and according to her friends, Cheyann was very depressed after her mother’s death. However, she had recently started seeing a 38-year-old man named Brian Biddle who appeared to be helping her through her grief. Much like Cheyann, Brian liked to party—despite the fact that he was over 15 years older than her. 

A few days before her disappearance, Brian sent an Uber to pick Cheyann up and bring her to his home in Chicago. The two apparently partied together all day and all night. During that time, Cheyann was texting back and forth with her friend Chad Chanapai, who said that Cheyann seemed to be her normal, happy self. 

About a day and a half later, things changed. Chad started receiving a flurry of texts from Cheyann around 2:00 AM asking to be picked up. When he tried to call Cheyann back about 20 minutes later, she wasn’t responding. Chad then got in touch with Brian, who told him that he had been asleep for 18 hours and when he woke up, Cheyann was gone.

After days passed without any sign of Cheyann, her family knew something was wrong. Cheyann hadn’t updated any of her social media accounts, which was quite uncharacteristic of her. It was also unusual for her to be out of touch with her family and friends. 

Then, 12 days after Cheyann vanished, a phone call to 911 was made from her phone. The caller hung up before the operator could say anything. It is still unclear if Cheyann herself made the call, or if it was somebody else in possession of her phone. The call pinged off a tower near Mallard Lake Forest Preserve, located around 20 miles away from Cheyann and Brian’s respective homes. That area was searched, but it is unclear if anything significant was found.

Many people believe that Brian had something to do with Cheyann’s disappearance, since he was the last person known to have been with her. However, in 2018, detectives working the case were not calling Brian a suspect. He was reportedly cooperative with the investigation. 

Cheyann's case seemingly went cold very quickly. Years passed without any updates. Then, in January 2023, authorities confirmed that Cheyann's remains had been found and identified. Reports state that the FBI worked with the sheriff's offices in both DuPage and Cook County to identify Cheyann via dental records.

According to reports, the remains were found on the 6800 block of South Dorchester Avenue in Chicago. This is located approximately 17 miles from Brian Biddle's residence, where Cheyann was last seen. Detectives are keeping information close to the vest at this time, and the case is ongoing. 

If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office at (630) 407-2569.


  1. I wanted to suggest a correction:
    Cheyann traveled to Brian Biddle's house in Chicago, specifically 2135 N. Kilbourn Ave in Chicago, IL, not Downer's Grove, IL.

  2. Chad definitely did this. After he text her back and she didn’t answer. I think he went over there to get her and make sure she was okay, he did act like he was her protector and said he hated all the guys that were around her and even got into a fight over her and he’s her “best friend “,right. He didn’t just go back to sleep without talking to her. I think he found her and killed her cause he already had an alibi, the text that wasn’t answered by her. He left his phone at home so he couldn’t be tracked either on purpose or not. That’s what I think.

  3. Even if he did leave his cell ph at his house, his plate would have been read by the plate readers all over the areas. Sad story

  4. I knew many of her friends, including her ACTUAL “best” friends (females), and had met her in passing. I also knew Brian pretty well at one point before he got locked up, or as well as anyone who knew him could I suppose. All her friends knew she was doing heroine and she was pretty heavy into it. With the exception of Brian (who was very strongly opposed to h), many of the people around her were the type to dump someone OD’d on the side of the road, and have done so to others, a number of them now dead themselves. I had highly suspected that’s what happened when hearing she went missing, and it makes sense especially since they found her by south shore not far from train, until watching this shitty fake news video…. I have literally never heard of this “Chad” person from anyone, the video is the first time I ever heard it, but she called him babe? Sounds like Chad was the actual boyfriend, everything in that video screamed red flag for abusive control freak- he probably hated Brian, and she was probably going to Brian’s to get away, he would never have allowed harm to come to her or anyone to hurt her in his house. He also probably most definitely would bang your girl. I know Brian to have a soft a soft spot for troubled people, and he did a lot to look after young girls who were into hard drugs, especially those with abusive boyfriends or miserable home lives. Brian is a really brilliant and nurturing man, he made great food, great company, great in bed, and always had the best drugs, and he was generous- he did a lot to make sure people stayed alive and safe despite being pretty hardcore himself. He would go on coke or crack binges and be up for days and then knock out for sometimes a whole day or longer, this was regular Brian. Being a seasoned party fiend and also not being an idiot, Brian knows enough about Good Samaritan laws and isn’t inhumane enough to not just call 911 himself immediately if something had happened to her in his house. Even if she’d died while he was asleep (once he knocked out nothing could wake him up for at least 12hrs) he would have reported it right away, cause that’s the only thing to do both from an ethical and a legal standpoint. I think she left his house just fine, intending to come back after getting dope since Brian wouldn’t have had that around or approved of it, and she was likely intending to be back before he woke up even. He was knocked out so he couldn’t help her through any anxiety, panic, or withdrawal she may have had, and she was probably too zooted on stims and wanted to come down. I wonder though about any foul play from Chad, he obviously knew what she was into, and I’m sure he knew that she was hooking up with Brian, as he’s well known in swinger circles and clubs, and had a regular rotation of strippers and bar crawlers who probably considered visits to Brian’s house the highlight of their week and would endlessly clamor for some undivided B-time. He had some favorites that there was more depth and friendship there with though, the stronger the sadness the deeper the bond- that was Cheyenne, especially after losing her mom. Brian is a weathered soul, and something about his dad vibes and darkness recognizing darkness really brings a shred of comfort to an otherwise overwhelming pit of despair. I’m sure when he woke up and only saw her things there, he was as worried and felt as much dread as anyone. If the details are still uncertain as to how her body ended up where it did, if there was no other contact with her other friends via social media (Snapchat was the big thing at the time, her friends used Facebook messenger a lot too) or encrypted messaging app, my two immediate guesses would be this Chad guy, since he felt the need to start a petty smear campaign, or the “Lurk Squad” which seems to be basically a gang notorious for exploiting young naive women operating under the guise of a high society party group.