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The Disappearance and Murder of Savannah Spurlock

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Savannah Spurlock vanished on January 4th, 2019. The 22-year-old young woman was last seen leaving The Other Bar, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Savannah was captured on the bar’s surveillance camera with two unidentified men. She FaceTimed her mother one final time at 3 AM. During the call, Savannah told her mother that she was out in Lexington and would come home soon. Unfortunately, though, Savannah never returned home and was never seen or heard from again.

The young men Savannah left the bar with were eventually located and questioned by police. The men were initially not named as suspects; however, investigators did not clear them either. Police also interviewed a third man who was seen with Savannah that evening. No arrests were made at the time, but a search warrant was executed at a home of David Sparks' parents. David is one of the men Savannah was with on the evening of her disappearance. A car was seized when investigators searched the Sparks' home. 

It was never believed that Savannah left on her own accord. She had recently given birth to twins in December 2018, and she also had two other children. Savannah’s loved ones described her as a dedicated mother who would not abandon her children. During her final FaceTime call, Savannah seemed happy and according to her mother, nothing seemed amiss. 

Months after Savannah's disappearance, police revealed a few more details about her case. It was then revealed that Savannah was taken a rural home in Garrard County by Sparks and the other men she was with at the bar. Police explained that they “have evidence to suggest [Savannah] went to the home, but nothing to show she ever left.” At that point, it became clear that investigators believed something awful had happened to Savanah.


The men from The Other Bar.

Police confirmed that Savannah did not know David Sparks or any of the other men prior to going to The Other Bar on the evening of January 3rd. David later told police that Savannah left his house on foot the following morning, and that he never heard from her again. It was clear that investigators did not buy David's story, but they still initially did not have enough evidence to charge him with anything related to Savannah's disappearance.

The other men present that evening were eventually cleared. They told investigators that they all drank at Sparks' house after leaving The Other Bar. The other men eventually left, but they noted Savannah was alive at that time. They also noted that it appeared Savannah was going in and out of consciousness, and David had touched her inappropriately.

It did not take long for David to become the prime suspect. However, Savannah remained missing, and they could not charge him with anything yet. That finally changed upon the discovery of her remains.

Finding Savannah.

Months later, on the evening of July 10th, 2019, human remains were found on the Sparks' property in Garrard County. The following day, those remains were identified as that of Savannah Spurlock. 23-year-old David Sparks was arrested upon the discovery of Savannah's remains. He was initially only charged with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. However, by the end of the next month, David was also charged with Savannah's murder. 

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Plea deal.

In 2020, David Sparks pleaded guilty to the murder of Savannah Spurlock.

While in court, the plea deal agreement was read aloud. It stated, 
“During the early morning hours of January 4, 2019, at 118 Price Court in Garrard County, Kentucky, the defendant, acting alone, intentionally caused the death of Savannah Spurlock. After so doing, he bound her legs and wrapped her body in plastic bags. He later transported her body to (Fall Lick) and buried her in the yard behind that residence. He did so with the intent to elude apprehension for the murder and to impair the evidence’s availability in any future proceeding pertaining to that crime.”

A true motive for Savannah's murder still remains unclear. An investigative file was released on the case, which contains handwritten admissions from David that he is a "psychopath." He called himself a psychopath in a letter found by his bedside table but told investigators it was not related to Savannah's case. However, he also mentioned that he was profiled as a psychopath as well. While this does not provide a true motive, it does provide some insight into his state-of-mind.

As part of his plea deal, Sparks was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He remains incarcerated today.

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