Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Disappearance of Desirea Ferris

18 year-old Desirea Ferris went missing during the early morning hours of May 2nd, 2017. The previous night, Desirea left her family’s Liberty, Missouri home after telling her sister that she was going to hang out with some friends. According to those friends, Desirea never showed up. Her last communication was a text message at 5:14am—after that, Desirea’s phone was shut off. Her family reported her missing the following evening after she failed to return home.

After looking into phone records, Liberty police revealed that Desirea’s final phone pings place her at two separate locations: an abandoned house in a wooded neighborhood and another house located nearby in Marlborough. Both of those locations are known for drug activity. Investigators said they have interviewed hundreds of people, and narrowed down a few persons of interest, but so far nobody has been arrested in connection with the case. 

Recently released court documents provide a more detailed timeline of the events leading up to Desirea’s disappearance on May 2nd, 2017. Based on interviews with the last people to see Desirea and information from Desirea’s phone, investigators were able to piece the following together:

May 1st, 2017, 5pm: Desirea and a female friend are picked up from a McDonald’s in Kansas City by a man named Mark Arzola. He drove them to another McDonald’s location in Liberty. The female friend then got out of Mark’s car, but Desirea stayed with Mark. He subsequently told police that, from there, he drove Desirea to his house on Highland street in south Kansas City.

10:20pm-10:58pm: Desirea exchanges 23 text messages with Robert Keegan while at Mark’s residence. Since all the texts abruptly stopped at 10:58, investigators believe that Keegan had come to pick Desirea up from Mark’s home.

May 2nd, 1am: Mark apparently told investigators that Desirea left his house at this time. This statement is contradictory to investigator’s belief that Desirea was picked up from Mark’s residence before midnight. He told investigators that Desirea was picked up by a person driving a white truck, but he could not see the driver who the driver was. 

1:30am: Desirea texts her sister “I’m coming home,” but she never arrives.

2:06am: Desirea makes her last outgoing call.

3am: Desirea accesses Facebook from her phone.

5:14am: Desirea sends her final text, to the same number that she made her last outgoing call just a few hours earlier. This was Desirea’s final communication.

At this time, there have not been any reports about who Desirea made her final outgoing calls/texts to on that morning, or whether or not Mark’s house is one of those aforementioned “drug activity” homes. Desirea remains missing. Updates will be provided as they come.

Desirea’s family believes that she fell victim to foul play. Liberty police are still actively investigating. If you have any information, please contact the Liberty police at 816-439-4701 or the TIPS hotline to submit an anonymous tip at 816-474-8477.

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