Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Disappearance of Lori Dee Wilson

Lori Dee Wilson has been missing since March 24th, 2016. At the time of her disappearance, Lori Dee was staying at a residential treatment center for drug addiction. The then-30-year-old woman had been struggling with addiction for years. On top of that, she had recently learned that she needed throat dilation surgery. 

Lori Dee decided to have the surgery in August 2016, but she was informed by her doctors that she needed to be drug-free in order to have the procedure. Her family then decided to send Lori Dee to Rainforest Recovery Center in Juneau, Alaska, located hours away from her home in Dillingham. 

Rainforest Recovery Center. (source:

Lori Dee’s first weeks at the treatment center appeared to be going well. According to her sister, Lori Dee was making progress. In fact, the two spoke on the phone the day Lori Dee was last seen, and her sister said that Lori Dee seemed very optimistic. However, just hours later, Lori Dee snuck out of the treatment center through a ground floor window. She has never been seen or heard from again.

The following day, Lori Dee’s family members were informed that she had left the facility. They immediately flew out to Juneau to search for her. Lori Dee’s father, Kenny Wilson, filed a missing person report with the Juneau Police Department, but the police were unable to find evidence that a crime was committed. Due to this, the police’s involvement in the search for Lori Dee was unfortunately minimal. 

Lori Dee’s father Kenny has since taken matters into his own hands. He began spending weeks at a time in Juneau to search for his daughter. He spoke to people at homeless shelters and monitored the public transit system, including airline flights and ferry rides. Kenny even hired a local resident to be on the lookout when he was unable to be in Juneau. So far, no trace of Lori Dee has been found. 

Although Lori Dee voluntarily left the treatment center, her family is incredibly worried about her safety. Her family fears that she left the center to continue abusing drugs. Lori Dee never showed up for her scheduled surgery in August 2016, which she needed in order prevent scar tissue swelling in her esophagus from constricting her throat. 

When Lori Dee was younger, she accidentally drank from a glass of detergent that she mistook for juice. This caused burning in her throat at left her with lifelong injuries to her esophagus. When she went missing, her family was especially concerned about Lori Dee's ability to eat/drink and breathe due to her condition.

Lori Dee’s family initially believed she was still in Juneau. Unfortunately, years have passed without any sign of her. She is described as 5’4”, 130 lbs, with brown curly hair and brown eyes. Lori Dee's family asks anyone with information on her whereabouts to contact Kenny Wilson at 907-843-1177.

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