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The Murder of Keke Jefferson-Moore

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The morning of September 23rd, 2000 began as a seemingly normal day in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Temperatures were ranging between the high 40s-low 50s; still warm enough to spend time outside if properly attired. On two this particular morning, individuals were doing just that - taking a morning walk alongside Theodore Wirth Lake - when they spotted something unexpected in the water: the body of a young female. 

Police were notified about the discovery of the body shortly before 10:00 AM. The call indicated that there was a possible drowning at the lake. Once police arrived on the scene, it was discovered that the victim was fully clothed but did not have any identification. However, it did not take long for investigators to identify the young woman as 20-year-old Keke Jefferson-Moore.

An autopsy determined that Keke's death was not the result of drowning - she had actually been a victim of homicide. In fact, it is believed that she was actually killed elsewhere before her body was disposed of at the lake. Keke's exact cause of death has never been revealed, but police announced very early on that they were investigating her case as a murder. 


More about Keke.

Keke was born in September of 1980 to Johnetta Jefferson-Moore and Benjamin Moore. She was the youngest of three siblings and had an older brother and sister. Keke grew up in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota with her family.

According to reports, Keke was an outgoing and friendly person. As a child, she enjoyed typical things such as riding her bike and playing with makeup. In high school, she developed a passion for writing and photography. 

Keke graduated from high school in 1998. She took a job as a telemarketer after graduation but hoped to eventually go to college to study journalism. Unfortunately, Keke was murdered before those hopes could be pursued. 

Theodore Wirth Lake.

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As previously stated, Keke's body was found at the edge of Theodore Wirth Lake. Investigators noted that it did not appear that she had been in the water for very long before her body was discovered. It is believed she was killed elsewhere. More specifically, investigators reportedly believe Keke's body was placed there between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM the day before it was found. 

Initial theories. 

Days after Keke's body was discovered, an unnamed 24-year-old man was arrested and booked on suspicion of homicide. Reports did not indicate the nature of the relationship between Keke and this man; only that the two of them knew each other. The man was eventually released after being questioned, and he was never formally charged with anything related to Keke's case. 

Around this time, police noted that there are others who had not been ruled out as well. However, nobody else has been publicly named as a suspect or person of interest in Keke's case. 

Police also pondered if Keke's murder was connected to four other murders that had occurred in the vicinity of Theodore Wirth Lake in 1996. However, the main suspect in those murders was quickly ruled out, as he had already been convicted for one of the killings at the time Keke was murdered. 

A cold case.

Over two decades have passed, and Keke's murder still remains unsolved. It does not appear that any other persons of interest have ever been identified. Keke's family members are still hoping to find answers and justice. 

If you have any information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of Keke's killer(s), please contact the Golden Valley Police at (763) 512-2500.

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