Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Disappearance of Ebonee Spears

Ebonee Spears has been missing since January 15th, 2016. The 30 year-old woman was last seen near her home in Wilmington, North Carolina. According to her family members, Ebonee was acting strangely in the hours leading up to her disappearance. At some point between 5:30 and 7pm, Ebonee’s friend saw her walking up and down Nixon Street. The friend sensed that something was wrong, so he picked Ebonee up and took her to the nearby Community Boys & Girls Club. He told her to wait right there for him, but instead Ebonee walked to the local police station. She asked to use a telephone, and she was directed to a payphone. Ebonee reportedly was then heard cursing and storming off.

Ebonee then went back to the Boys and Girls Club. According to witnesses, she started to head home from the club around 8:30 or 9pm. Ebonee was last seen around her apartment around 10:45pm. At that point, she approached a man outside of her building and asked if she could bum a cigarette. The man told her that he did not have any left. Ebonee then muttered something about going to the store and walked away. She has never been seen or heard from again.

Approximately 15 minutes later, around 11pm, Ebonee’s boyfriend arrived at her apartment and let himself inside. Ebonee was not inside the apartment, but her car was parked outside of the building as usual. However, her phone was missing from the apartment and it went straight to voicemail when her boyfriend tried to call her. Her boyfriend waited two hours for her to return, and when she did not, he contacted Ebonee’s parents. Ebonee’s parents reported her missing the following afternoon.

Ebonee was diagnosed with lupus shortly before her disappearance. She was reportedly telling people that her medicine was “messing with her head”. Her parents were worried about her mental health shortly before her disappearance as well. However, they do not believe Ebonee would voluntarily abandon her daughter. Due to her condition, Ebonee has been classified as an at-risk missing person. If you have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please contact the Wilmington Police at (910) 343-3600.

The Disappearance of Abby Roberts & Philip Johnson

25 year-old Abby Roberts (pictured left) and her boyfriend 27 year-old Philip Johnson (pictured right) were last seen together on September 29th, 2012. The couple left their Las Vegas, Nevada home in an unregistered black Chevrolet Cruze on that day and never returned. Both Abby and Philip worked at the US Post Office near McCarran International Airport, and they were reported missing on October 9th, 2012, after their loved ones were notified that they both stopped showing up for work.

Abby has not been since September 29th, 2012. Philip, on the other hand, showed up at his mother’s house in Torrance, California a few days later, on October 3rd, 2012. Philip and Abby had not yet been reported missing at that time, so Philip’s mother did not think anything was amiss. Philip drove to his mother’s house in Abby’s car and brought his and Abby’s two month-old son, as well as an older son from a previous relationship. He left the children with his mother and then never returned. Abby’s car was later found abandoned in Compton, California. There was no sign of Abby or Philip at the scene.

Investigators found no signs of foul play Abby and Philip’s home in Las Vegas. Despite this, Abby’s family still believes that Philip might have harmed her. Her family members told police that Abby had been contemplating leaving Philip because he had been unfaithful to her. Philip has never been officially been named as a suspect, and both he and Abby remain missing today.

If you have any information that could lead to the whereabouts about Abby and/or Philip, please contact the Las Vegas Police Department at 702-828-3111.

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Murder of Brittany Phillips

Brittany Phillips was only 18 years old when she was raped and murdered at her apartment on September 27th, 2004. Prior to her death, Brittany was a college student living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the night of September 27th, Brittany spoke with her mother on the phone at about 9pm. Everything appeared fine during their conversation—Brittany complained about having bad allergies, but there was no indication that she sensed any sort of danger.

Unfortunately, Brittany was in danger. Sometime after that phone call, an unidentified person raped and strangled Brittany inside her own home. It is still unknown if her killer broke in late at night or if he was already in the apartment. It was 3 days before anyone knew Brittany had been killed. She was ultimately discovered on October 1st, 2004, after police conducted a welfare check and found her body on her bedroom floor.

Investigators found DNA at the scene that has been compared to approximately 1 million people in CODIS and no matches have been found. DNA was collected from people in the local area as well, which also returned no matches. Only two people from the area refused to submit their DNA, but when a court order was issued, their samples did not match either.

Brittany’s family and friends were unable to name anyone who they thought might hurt her. She apparently did not have a boyfriend or any enemies. She also did not have a history of drug use.  While it seems likely that Brittany’s killer is somebody she knew, the known people in her life have been questioned and ruled out.

Years have passed since Brittany’s murder and it still remains unsolved. Brittany’s mother is determined to find justice for her daughter and has created a website dedicated to the investigation. You can view it here. Additionally, if you have any information that may lead to Brittany’s killer, please contact submit a tip with the Tulsa Police Department here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Disappearance of Edward 'Ashton' Stubbs

Edward 'Ashton' Stubbs was just five days shy of his 16th birthday when he vanished on June 21st, 2013. Ashton is originally from El Paso, Texas, but during the summer of 2013, he traveled to, Fargo North Dakota to stay with his cousin. Ashton planned to work with his cousin at a construction site  in Dickinson for a summer job. 

On the day of his disappearance, Ashton was at the construction site laying drywall. At some point after lunch time, he walked away from the site and never returned. Ashton has never been seen or heard from again. 

Ashton left behind his wallet, identification and all of his money behind when he left the construction site. However, it is believed that he boarded a bus in Dickinson en route to his cousin's house in Fargo. Ashton's mother believes her son got angry about something on the construction site that caused him to walk away. 

Investigators were unable to find any evidence that Ashton ever returned to Fargo that day, or if he even boarded a bus at all. Once news about his disappearance hit the media, investigators received numerous tips about potential sightings, but none of them panned out. The case has now unfortunately gone cold and Ashton remains missing.

If you have any information that could lead to Ashton's whereabouts, please contact the Dickinson Police Department at 701-456-7759.
UPDATE (9/25/19): In December 2018, a human skull was found on a remote private land in northeastern Dickinson. Months later, in September 2019, the skull was confirmed to be that of Edward 'Ashton' Stubbs. A manner of death has not yet been confirmed and authorities are still investigating his death.

Rest in peace, Ashton.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Disappearance of Brenda Jackson

Brenda Maria Jackson has been missing since January 3rd, 2016. The 32 year-old woman had served in the United States Army and was an Iraq war veteran. At the time of her disappearance, Brenda was living in Park Forest, Illinois, where she worked in the cafeteria at a local high school. On the evening she was last seen, Brenda's father dropped her off at her home around 9pm. About an hour later, Brenda spoke on the phone with her mother and mentioned that she was home alone at the time. She was scheduled to arrive at work around 5:30am the following morning, but she unfortunately did not show up. After numerous failed attempts to contact her, Brenda's family members reported her missing on January 5th, 2016. 

Many of Brenda's personal items were found inside her home, including her purse, coat, and identification. Brenda also left behind six children. She did not have custody of the children at the time of her disappearance, however according to her mother, Brenda was a dedicated parent and was very loving towards her children. Brenda's oldest child was living with her first husband at the time, while four of the other children lived with Brenda's mother. The youngest child, who was only four months old at the time of Brenda's disappearance, was in foster care. Brenda's mother explained that Brenda had lost custody of the children after she refused to press domestic violence charges against her husband Antonio Jackson. 

Antonio reportedly has a history of domestic violence. Although Brenda told her mother she was home alone when they last spoke, Brenda's NamUs poster states that Antonio was the last person to see her prior to her disappearance. Suspicions have obviously fallen upon Antonio for numerous reasons, but at this time he has not been charged with anything related to Brenda's disappearance. 

Brenda remains missing today. There is a $3000 reward for any information that could lead to her whereabouts. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Park Forest police at 708-748-4701.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Murder of Samantha Keithley

Kirk Keithley (39) shot and murdered his wife Samantha Keithley (33) before turning the gun on himself on September 23rd, 2018. The couple lived in Land O’Lakes, Florida where Kirk worked as a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy. On the night of the murder-suicide, the couple had allegedly been fighting for hours. Around 11:50pm, Samantha sent the above texts to her friend describing their fight.

Shortly after midnight—just minutes later—the police received a phone call from Samantha’s 14 year-old son. He told dispatchers, “Oh my god, my stepdad just shot my mom in the head. Please help me.” When asked for more details, he explained, “My stepdad and mom had been arguing for a night and she went to a hotel and she came back and I heard them arguing and I heard a gunshot and I walked outside and I saw her, she was bloody, and I saw her dead.” Once police officers arrived on the scene, they found both Samantha and Keith dead in their bedroom. The 14 year-old boy and the other three children in the home were fortunately not harmed.

At this time, it is unclear how Kirk and Samantha’s argument escalated to violence. Samantha’s friend Kristin Kellin, the recipient of the above texts, is reportedly shocked by Kirk’s actions. She told reporters, “Kirk was a quiet guy, but he wasn’t irrational. Everybody has problems, but not anything that would cause him to shoot her in the head. He was a very quiet person. I can’t believe he did this.” The Pasco County sheriff’s office is still investigating the case.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Disappearance of Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott (20) disappeared from Peoria, Illinois on September 22nd, 2017.

After a night of partying began to die down, Alexis was invited to continue at an afterparty downtown. A cab driver dropped Alexis off at a house on Richmond Avenue at 5:15am. The cab driver later told police that a man greeted Alexis at the cab’s door and paid her fare. This is apparently the last official confirmed sighting of her. According to her missing poster, “there is no conclusive evidence that she ever left the residence, but [she] hasn’t been seen since.” Her family reported her missing after she failed to return home, as it was uncharacteristic for her to leave her loved ones, namely her 2 year old son, behind.

After the news of Alexis’ disappearance began to circulate, it was revealed that Alexis had survived a kidnapping just three weeks earlier after a trip to Las Vegas. Alexis, along with two males and one other female, had taken the trip to Vegas in late August with hopes of making some extra money working as go-go dancers after the Floyd Mayweather fight. According to Alexis’ mother, April Allen, from there Alexis was kidnapped, drugged, then transported to Sacramento, California and entered into a sex trafficking ring. She managed to escape, partially naked and beaten, by running into the street and flagging down a woman who let Alexis borrow her phone. Alexis then called her mother, who sent her a bus ticket back to Illinois. According to family and friends, Alexis was looking to return to her normal life after her kidnapping. 

On the night of September 22nd, Alexis was simply looking to let loose. It was later revealed that the man who owns the house where Alexis attended the party on Richmond Avenue is affiliated with the men behind Alexis’ kidnapping in Vegas. This was obviously unknown to Alexis. The details of this affiliation have not been publicly revealed, but police finally obtained warrants to search the house on Richmond Avenue in November 2017, two months after Alexis vanished. The details of what was found during that search have not been revealed either.

Due to the lack of information in the case, April is looking to raise money to hire a private investigator to work Alexis’ case. If you are interested in donating, April has set up a GoFundMe page here.  Additionally, if you have any information about Alexis or her disappearance, please submit a tip here.  

The Disappearance of Heather Elvis

20-year-old Heather Elvis disappeared after going on a first date with an old acquaintance from high school on the evening of December 17th, 2013. During the date, Heather sent the above picture on the right to her father, Terry Elvis, of her driving her date’s stick shift car. That was the last time Terry heard from his daughter. Later, during the early morning hours of December 18th, Heather returned her Myrtle Beach, SC apartment and briefly spoke to her best friend on the phone. Heather’s friends and loved ones have not seen or heard from her since.

The following evening, on December 19th, Heather’s car was found parked at Peachtree Landing on the Waccamaw River. The car was abandoned, and Heather’s family and friends were unable to get ahold of her after it was found. As a result, Heather was reported missing.

Peachtree Landing, where Heather's car was found

Early on into the investigation, it was revealed that Heather had been involved in a romantic affair with 38-year-old Sidney Moorer. Heather and Sidney met while she was working as a server at the Tilted Kilt. Sidney’s wife, 42-year-old Tammy Moorer, had apparently found out about the affair and had sent some threatening text messages to Heather weeks before her disappearance. 

Related image
Sidney and Tammy Moorer

By December 2013, Heather was trying to move on from the affair. In fact, when Heather spoke to her best friend on the phone during the early hours of December 18th, she expressed that she was upset because Sidney was trying to contact her. After looking at phone records, investigators found that Sidney and Heather contacted/attempt to contact each other numerous times during the early morning hours of December 18th. It is believed that Sidney lured Heather into meeting him at Peachtree Lake that morning.

In February of 2014, both Sidney and Tammy were arrested for kidnapping and murdering Heather. They were also booked on charges of obstruction of justice in the case. However, by March 2016, the murder charges against the two were dropped. They were both still charged with Heather’s kidnapping. The obstruction of justice charge was dropped for Tammy but remained for Sidney. Sidney finally went to trial for Heather’s kidnapping in June 2016, but the jury was hung, and a mistrial was declared.

In August of 2017, Sidney went to trial for the obstruction of justice charges in this case and was found guilty. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The prosecution plans to try him again for Heather’s kidnapping in the future.

Tammy went to trial for kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap during the fall of 2018. On October 23rd, 2018, she was found guilty of all charges. At the trial, it was revealed that Tammy was irate over her husband's affair with Heather, especially after rumors began to circulate that Heather was pregnant in December 2013. In fact, just hours before Heather disappeared, Sidney and Tammy were seen buying a pregnancy test at a local Wal-Mart. 

Additionally, a family friend named Donald Demarino testified that he saw an image of Heather on Tammy’s phone at a family cookout that was held after Heather’s disappearance. Donald stated that in the image, it did not appear that Heather was able to walk or talk. He was allegedly so distraught by said image that he left the cookout after seeing it. 

Image result for donald demarino on the stand
Donald Demarino

The image in question was not shown, nor were any additional details given. However, this testimony and all the other evidence provided by the prosecution were enough to convince the jury to reach a guilty verdict in a little under 2 hours.

Tammy was sentenced to 30 years in prison for both charges. The prosecution plans to re-try Sidney for the kidnapping charges as well at some point in the future. Heather’s body was never found and both of the Moorers continue to deny their involvement in her disappearance.

UPDATE (9/19/19): Sidney Moorer went to retrial for kidnapping charges earlier this month. This time around, he was found guilty of the kidnapping of Heather Elvis. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. 
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The Case of Brooke 'Skylar' Richardson and Deceased Child

Image result for brooke skylar richardson prom
18 year-old Brooke 'Skylar' Richardson before her senior prom in May 2017. She gave birth by herself in her family's bathroom just hours later. 

Despite visible bump in the photograph, Skylar’s friends and family did not know about her pregnancy. In fact, Skylar gave birth at her family’s Carlislie, Ohio home without anyone ever knowing—until she visited an OB/GYN in July of 2017 and told the doctor that she had recently given birth to a stillborn baby. The doctor alerted authorities after Skylar’s visit, and on July 14th, 2017, police found the baby’s remains buried in the Richardson’s backyard. At the time, they believed that the baby had been stillborn. However, on July 20th, authorities announced that they found evidence that the baby girl was actually alive at birth, and that they believed Skylar had killed the baby shortly after she was delivered. Skylar was subsequently arrested and charged with murder.

Warren County prosecutor David Fornshell states that he believes many people in Skylar’s life had a “strong suspicion” that she had been pregnant, but that they never had confirmation. He also believes that Skylar’s motivation behind hiding the pregnancy/baby had to do with the fact that her family is “obsessed with appearances.” Skylar’s other family members now claim that, in hindsight, she does look pregnant in her prom pictures, but they simply thought she was just “eating good.” In fact, they were happy to see that Skylar had gained a little weight, since she had previously suffered from an eating disorder. Skylar’s family also believes that the baby was stillborn and that Skylar did not murder the baby.

Skylar was formally been charged with aggravated murder, voluntary manslaughter, endangering children, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse. She went to trial in September 2019. During the trial, it was revealed that Skylar had struggled with an eating disorder for years, causing her menstrual cycle to be irregular. During her senior year of high school, she was in a serious relationship with a boy named Brandon, so her mother decided to take her to the OB/GYN for birth control pills. During that April 2017 doctor visit, Skylar learned that she was pregnant. According to the doctor, she panicked upon hearing the news--and asked him to still write the birth control script in order to hide the pregnancy from her mother. The doctor agreed, but only to buy Skylar some time to process the news and eventually tell her parents. Skylar was also told that she had about ten weeks before she was due to give birth. 

The doctor's estimate was obviously off, as Skylar gave birth just 11 days later. She later told authorities that she was sure the baby was stillborn, so she buried her in her family's backyard. It wasn't until detectives mentioned their belief that the baby had been born alive that Skylar mentioned the possibility that she might have killed the baby by accidentally squeezing her too tightly. However, it is believed that she did so under the promise that she would get to leave the police station and go home if she cooperated with detectives.

The jury ultimately agreed with the defense and found Skylar not guilty on charges of aggravated murder and endangering children. She was found guilty of abuse of corpse. Skylar was sentenced to 3 years probation for that charge.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Disappearance of Trevor Hamlyn

Image result for Trevor Hamlyn

Trevor Hamlyn (33) has been missing since June 16th, 2018. He was last seen at his home in Paradise, Newfoundland. Trevor, who sometimes goes by the nickname ‘Pepsi’, was reported missing by his sister three days later. 

There have been numerous searches for Trevor by family and friends, police, and search crews--but unfortunately they have found nothing that leads to Trevor’s whereabouts. About a month after his disappearance, friends and family conducted an independent ground search near Trevor’s home. During said search, they found a cell phone that was confirmed to belong to Trevor. The phone was sent for analysis, but unfortunately nothing on the phone provided any useful information about this disappearance.

Trevor remains missing today. His family members and friends are continuing to try and spread the word about his disappearance, in hopes that somebody will come forward with important information. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please contact the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary at  +1 709-729-8000.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Murder of TerriLynn St. John

TerriLynn St. John (23) disappeared from the driveway of her Wake, Virginia home on the morning of February 27th, 2018. That morning, TerriLynn was preparing to take her two young children to daycare when she stepped out of her house at 7:30am to put the children’s items in her car. She never went back inside her house. Her parents were later alerted when she did not show up for her job at a horse farm located across the street from her home. TerriLynn’s parents then drove to her home and found her car in the driveway, her front door left open, and her children inside the home alone, but unharmed. Family members also found pieces of broken jewelry near the car and TerriLynn’s phone in the bushes. Her family immediately reported her missing.

After police investigated the scene, they determined that there were signs of a struggle in the driveway. They believed that TerriLynn was likely taken from her home in a separate vehicle. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that police were questioning numerous persons of interest, including TerriLynn’s boyfriend who lived with her. It was determined that the boyfriend was at work at the time of her disappearance, and he was cleared of suspicion. 

TerriLynn with her boyfriend

On the evening of February 28th, police questioned Alvin B. Keyser (23), an acquaintance of TerriLynn’s. Keyser initially denied any involvement in the case, but then made contact with investigators the following morning to provide more information. It was then that Keyser admitted that he confronted TerriLynn on the morning of her disappearance about “something she had said about him.” He then claimed that TerriLynn voluntarily got into his vehicle, where they continued to argue. Keyser said that TerriLynn hit him, so he hit her back and then pushed her out of the car he was driving. He then admitted that he continued to hit and strangle TerriLynn until she died. Afterwards, he drove her body to a nearby wooded area and hid her. Police found TerriLynn’s body later that day. Keyser was arrested charged with first-degree murder and attempting to conceal or alter a dead body.  

Image result for alvin b keyser
Alvin B. Keyser

Investigators and TerriLynn’s family did not believe that TerriLynn voluntarily got into Keyser’s vehicle. As previously mentioned, police found evidence of a struggle in the driveway, and it is unlikely that she would leave her children unattended.  

In February 2019, Alvin B. Keyser pleaded guilty to the murder of TerriLynn St. John. Keyser ultimately accepted a plea deal that allowed him to plead guilty to second-degree murder - rather than first degree, which would have resulted in a life sentence. Instead, Keyser will serve 40 years on second-degree murder charges and 5 years for the concealment of body charges. 

At the sentencing, it was revealed that Keyser told police that he approached TerriLynn on the morning of the murder because he wanted to confront both her and her boyfriend about how they were allegedly “running their mouths on the street” about Keyser’s drug dealing. He admitted to pushing TerriLynn out of the car, and he said she hit her head as she fell onto the side of the road. According to court documents, Keyser then decided to strangle her “because he thought that when she hit her head that he was going to jail for a long time, so he decided he had to kill her.” 

Before the plea deal was offered, attorneys reportedly met with TerriLynn’s family members. They gave their blessing to offer Keyser the second-degree murder charge. In September 2019, Keyser was sentenced to 35 years in prison. At his sentencing, he apologized to TerriLynn's family and stated that he wished he could take it all back. Keyser was also ordered to pay $4,868 to cover TerriLynn's burial expenses. 

The Disappearance & Murder of Heather Gumina

Authorities in California are searching for 33 year-old Heather Gumina, who has been missing since July 16th, 2019. The mother-of-three was last seen after leaving a Pleasant Valley hospital, where she had been treated for a broken collarbone. According to Heather's family members, the injury had caused her a lot of pain and Heather felt that she had been discharged from the hospital too soon. Still, she left the hospital that day in her 2005 Infiniti Coupe. Heather never returned home and has not been seen or heard from again.

Nearly a month later, on August 11th, 2019, police announced that they found Heather's car abandoned in El Dorado County.  Said county is mostly between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, however police have not disclosed where exactly the car was found at this time. The car is currently being processed by forensics. 

Since the discovery of Heather's car, fears for her safety have intensified. Her family members do not believe she would willingly abandon her children. Additionally, both authorities and her family members are concerned about Heather's wellbeing due to her collarbone injury.

The search for Heather is continuing. If you have any information that could help the investigation, please call 530-621-6600.
UPDATE (September 2019): Authorities have found the remains of Heather Gumina in Pleasant Valley. Shortly thereafter, on September 6th, 2019, Heather's husband Anthony Gumina was arrested and charged with her murder. Reports state that Heather actually vanished following an explosive fight with Anthony, whom she had only been married to for a few months. Anthony  has repeatedly denied any involvement in Heather's disappearance. Further details about the case have not been made public, however any updates will be provided as they come. 

The Murder of Kelsey Quayle

Kelsey Quayle (28) was fatally shot while driving to work in Clayton County, Georgia on October 8th, 2018. Kelsey was an aspiring model, and she was heading towards her job in Riverdale at the time she was shot. After becoming disoriented from her injury, Kelsey began driving her car on the wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic. She crashed into three other cars and was transported to a nearby hospital. Paramedics initially thought that Kelsey was suffering from injuries from the car accident, however when she finally made it to the hospital, it was discovered that she had a bullet wound in the back of her neck as well. 

The scene of the crash
Kelsey unfortunately passed away at the hospital shortly thereafter. Both Kelsey’s loved ones and investigators are absolutely baffled by her death. Investigators were initially unsure if Kelsey was targeted, a victim of road rage, or if she was simply just caught in a crossfire. Surveillance footage from a nearby gas station revealed that Kelsey did make a stop there before she was shot. Investigators are asking anybody who saw Kelsey at the gas station that day to come forward.

A few weeks after Kelsey's death, police released surveillance footage (which can be viewed in full here) of a young man who is now considered to be a person of interest in Kelsey’s case. The video is taken from surveillance cameras on a local bus, and the man is seen approaching the bus and knocking on the door, but he eventually walks away after the driver does not open the door for him. The police are saying that this man got into an “altercation” outside of his car shortly before the shooting occurred. If you recognize this man or have any other information about Kelsey’s death please contact the authorities. 

Person of interest on surveillance
Additionally, if you have any other information that could lead to Kelsey's case being solved, please contact Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS.

The Murder-Suicide of Danielle Morse & Kevin Kopper

Danielle Morse (25) was shot and killed by her boyfriend Kevin Kopper (31) on January 16th, 2019. The two lived in an apartment together in Hamburg, New York. During the early morning hours of January 16th, Kevin called the Hamburg police and said that he had shot his girlfriend and planned to shoot himself. When police arrived at their apartment, they knocked on the door. Immediately after, they heard the sound of another gunshot. Police broke down the door and found the body of Danielle in the apartment’s kitchen. In the adjacent bedroom, they found Kevin’s body as well. He had shot himself as soon as police knocked on the door.

According to Danielle’s friends, the couple had only been together for a little under a year before the incident, and they had only lived in their apartment for a few months. At this time, it is unclear what led to the shootings. However, both Danielle and Kevin posted content on Facebook within 24 hours before the shooting that now appears incredibly eerie. About a day before she was killed, Danielle wrote “I need to get out of this house” in a Facebook post. Kevin updated his profile picture to an image of him holding a gun…the same gun that he later used to shoot Danielle and himself.

Danielle and Kevin lived in a quiet Hamburg neighborhood. Members of their community are reportedly in total shock over their deaths. A neighbor told reporters that he did not know the couple very well, but he never saw any reason to be concerned about them. Police are continuing to investigate what led to the murder-suicide.

The Murder of Ashley Doolittle

18 year-olds Ashley Doolittle and Tanner Flores before their senior prom in May 2016. Just a month later, Tanner brutally murdered Ashley inside his pickup truck near the Lon Hagler Reservoir in Loveland, Colorado.
Ashley and Tanner met in Berthoud,...
18 year-olds Ashley Doolittle and Tanner Flores before their senior prom in 2016.

Just a month after the above photograph was taken, Tanner Flores brutally murdered Ashley Doolittle inside his pickup truck near the Lon Hagler Reservoir in Loveland, Colorado.

Ashley and Tanner met in Berthoud, Colorado and had been a couple for about a year. A few days prior to her murder, Ashley decided to end her relationship with Tanner. Mutual friends of the two said that Ashley and Tanner had been fighting a lot in the days prior to Ashley’s death, and that Tanner had been unable to accept their breakup.

On June 9th, 2016, Ashley agreed to meet up with Tanner at the Lon Hagler Reservoir to discuss their relationship. Ashley’s mother expected her to be home by 7:30pm that evening, but  she never returned home. Her mother eventually decided to go to the reservoir to look for her. She found Ashley’s car parked there, but Ashley herself was nowhere to be found. Ashley’s mother immediately grew concerned, especially since she knew that her daughter had planned to meet up with Tanner. She immediately called the police to report Ashley missing.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Tanner’s family members hadn’t seen him since 3:30pm that afternoon. They were unable to locate or contact him. Tanner’s father also revealed that his .22-caliber revolver was missing as well. The revolver was kept in a locked safe, and Tanner was the only other person who knew the location of the safe key.

Over the next 24 hours, police followed tips that led them over 300 miles away to a home in Western Slope that was previously owned by Tanner’s deceased grandfather. There, police found Tanner’s blood-stained truck. Inside the truck’s bed, police found Ashley’s body wrapped up in blankets. She had been shot three times in the head. Tanner was located nearby shortly thereafter and was taken into police custody.

Tanner eventually confessed to killing Ashley, but pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges; as he maintained that the shooting was not premeditated. At his trial, prosecutors stated that Tanner was a controlling and jealous boyfriend. When Ashley decided to distance herself from that, Tanner could not accept the possibility that Ashley could eventually start to date someone else. A video tape of Tanner confessing to authorities was played at the trial as well. Tanner is seen describing how the conversation they were having did not go as he planned. He stated, “she just kind of glared at me and turned away, so I grabbed the gun and shot her. She started twitching and freaking out, so I shot her again. I thought it would be an instant thing.” Tanner’s defensive attorneys argued that the killing was a heat-of-the-moment decision, while prosecutors believed that Tanner had been planning it in the days prior.

The prosecutors also stated that Ashley could’ve possibly survived the first shot if Tanner had sought help. Instead, he shot her two more times and drove over 300 miles away to hide her body. The jury ultimately ruled in favor of the prosecution, and Tanner was found guilty of first degree murder and second degree kidnapping. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Disappearance of Alyssa McLemore

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Alyssa McLemore has been missing since April 9th, 2009. Prior to her disappearance, 21-year-old Alyssa resided with her mother and grandmother at their home in Kent, Washington, but she often spent her nights at her boyfriend’s home, as he had custody of Alyssa’s 3 year-old daughter. On the evening she vanished, Alyssa spoke to her grandmother on the phone around 6:30pm. Alyssa’s mother was unfortunately dying on scleroderma, and Alyssa’s grandmother had called her to let her know that her mother’s condition had worsened. Alyssa assured her grandmother that she would come home soon, but unfortunately she never showed up and her family has not heard from her since that phone call.

Alyssa’s mother passed away three days after Alyssa was last seen. Alyssa’s family reported her missing to the authorities after they were unable to get ahold of her to let her know about her mother’s passing. Throughout the investigation, detectives learned that Alyssa’s phone called 911 on the evening of April 10th—a day after she was last seen. The dispatcher allegedly heard a woman asking for help, but the line went dead shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the phone did not have a GPS and the call could not be placed, however authorities believe that it came from the Kent area. The phone went out of service a few days later.

Once news about Alyssa’s disappearance began to spread around town, a few witnesses came forward claiming to have seen her shortly before she vanished. One witness reportedly saw her on the evening of April 9th on the corner of 30th Avenue of Kent-Des Moines. Alyssa was seen being approached by a 1990s-model pickup truck with Oregon license plates. Another witness reportedly saw Alyssa with an unidentified caucasian man in a pickup truck shortly before her disappearance as well. It is unclear if the two witnesses saw Alyssa with the same person or not.

Alyssa is considered missing under suspicious circumstances. Authorities believe that foul play was involved in her disappearance. The investigation is still ongoing. If you have any information that could lead to Alyssa’s disappearance, please contact the Kent Police Department at 253-856-5800.
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The Disappearance of Ashley Ann Williams

Missing People In America - Ashley Ann Williams went missing ...
Ashley Ann Williams vanished at the age of 22 on September 10th, 2017. She was reportedly last seen in Chula Vista, California and has never been seen or heard from again. There are unfortunately very few details available about Ashley's disappearance, and it appears that news about her case did not circulate throughout the media. However, a Facebook page dedicated to finding Ashley has been set up that provides a few more details about the investigation. 

A post on the page has been written that states, "Ashley Williams is MISSING and has been missing since 9/10/2017!  She was last in Chula Vista. Friends and family have not heard from her since. This didn't make the news or reach many social media outlets, and I'm not sure some of her other friends are even informed! Please share this and bring peace to Ashley and her loved ones. There is very little information available to go on in this case and anything helps, whether it seems relevant or not. If you want to remain anonymous you can reach out at

If you find out that Ashley is simply avoiding her family and she is in a safe situation please contact the police phone number listed at CAG website and let them know what you found out. If you make contact, urge her to contact local authorities to explain she is safe. It is not illegal to avoid your family or lose contact with most your friends (but it is concerning and makes people think the person might have been harmed or harmed themselves). If she contacts police to tell them she is safe she can ask them not to reveal her location to her family. Police will simply tell them she was located unharmed and close the missing persons case. Chula Vista Police Department 619-691-5151."

While this post hints at the possibility that Ashley might be missing on her own accord, other posters on the Facebook page have hinted at the possibility that Ashley's boyfriend might have had something to do with her disappearance. There is unfortunately very little information about this man, and it is unclear if he's been investigated by police.

Ashley remains missing today. If you have any information that could help solve her case, please contact the Chula Vista Police Department or email

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List Series: Accomplice Confessions

As explained in the 'Dangerous Duos' post, there are many criminals who do not act alone. There are numerous cases in which two people plot together to kill someone for a variety of different reasons--and there are also cases where criminals get help concealing the crime after-the-fact. In some of these cases, a criminal gains an accomplice by threatening and/or manipulating the person into helping commit and/or cover-up the crime. In other cases, two people plan to commit a crime together and come to a mutual agreement to cover-up the evidence. When two or more people commit a crime together, there is never 100% certainty that the crime will stay covered up an accomplice can confess at any time an implicate the other person(s) involved in the process. Below is a list of 7 such cases, where a murder was solved due to the confession of an accomplice.

7. The Murders of Ronkeya Holmes & MaSarah Ross
29 year-old Ronkeya Holmes (top left)  was murdered by the father of her child, Lester Ross (bottom left), on October 18th, 2009. Lester had custody of their 3 year-old daughter, MaSarah Ross (top right), and he lived in Haines City Florida with her...

Lester Ross (pictured bottom left) and Sharon Ross (bottom right) were married and living in Haines City, Florida during the year of 2009. Lester had custody of his three year-old daughter, MaSarah Ross (top right). At some point during 2009, Sharon stumbled upon Lester with MaSarah's dead body. Lester told Sharon that MaSarah's death was an accident, but for whatever reason he did not call the police. Instead, he did MaSarah's body in a freezer and threatened to kill Sharon if she ever told anybody about it.

On October 18th, 2009, MaSarah's mother Ronkeya Holmes (top left) planned to go to Lester's home to pick up MaSarah for a visit. In order to cover up the fact MaSarah was dead, Lester decided he needed to kill Ronkeya, as well. Upon Ronkeya's arrival at his house, Lester gave her a Coke with rat poison mixed in. Sharon later stumbled upon Lester attempting to move Ronkeya's lifeless body. At that point, Lester threatened Sharon once again--and this time, he forced Sharon to help move both Ronkeya and MaSarah's bodies into his car. Then, Lester forced Sharon to drive him to an orange grove in Winter Haven where they buried the two bodies.

Over a year later, Sharon finally told police what had truly happened to both Ronkeya and MaSarah. In December 2010, she led authorities to their graves.It took over a year for the remains of Ronkeya and MaSarah to be positively identified, but once they were, Lester was indicted on murder charges. In November 2015, Lester went to trial and was ultimately found guilty for all charges. He was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. [read more]

6. The Murder of Justin Barnett

During the spring of 1995, an 18 year-old named Johnathan Abney was living with his older sister Tricia Abney (pictured right) and her boyfriend Jeff Martin at an apartment in Birmingham, Alabama. On the evening of June 3rd, 1995, walked into the apartment and stumbled upon a horrific scene: a man had been murdered, and his dismembered body parts were scattered on the bathroom floor. Johnathan soon learned that the deceased man was 23 year-old Justin Barnett (pictured left)—who he had only met once before, while buying drugs at a Southside apartment. 

Tricia and Jeff enlisted Johnathan's help in disposing of Justin's remains in Bibb County. Justin was later reported missing by his loved ones, but his case unfortunately went cold quickly. Nearly two decades passed before investigators finally got a break in January 2015. At that point, Johnathan went to the Birmingham police and explained that he had a secret he could no longer live with--and it was about the disappearance of Justin Barnett. Johnathan explained that Tricia and Jeff had lured Justin to their apartment on that June 1995 night with the intention of robbing him.  The robbery went bad, and the pair ended up stabbing Justin to death before dismembering him in the bathroom.

Johnathan worked with investigators over the next 5 months. He told them where to find Justin’s remains, but a search of the area did not recover them. Jeff Martin committed suicide before police were able to apprehend him, however they were able to take Tricia into custody and charge her with murder. In 2017, she was found guilty and given a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Johnathan received immunity for cooperating with the investigation. [read more]

5. The Murder of Jaray Wilson
Jaray Wilson was 16 years old when she vanished on October 14th, 2012. The teen was picked up from Hydro, Oklahoma by friends that afternoon, and never returned home. Shortly after she was reported missing, rumors began to circulate that Jaray had...

On the afternoon of October 14th, 2012, 16 year-old Jaray Wilson (pictured left) was picked up in Hydro, Oklahoma by Tucker McGee (top right) and Cody Godfrey (bottom right) and never returned home. Jaray was later reported missing by her family, and it was originally suspected that she had been forced into sex trafficking. Tucker and Cody denied knowing Jaray's whereabouts, and they were not immediately named as persons of interest in her case. However, about a year after her disappearance, Cody finally told police that he knew exactly what had happened to Jaray.

Cody explained that, on the night of Jaray's disappearance, she had asked Tucker to pick her up in Hydro and drive her to Weatherford. Tucker agreed, and Cody, who was already with Tucker at the time, accompanied him as he went to pick Jaray up. On their way there, Tucker continuously complained that he felt Jaray was annoying. At a certain point, he showed Cody a gun and said "we should just go kill Jaray." Cody later would tell investigators that he thought Tucker was joking. After picking Jaray up, the three of them smoked synthetic marijuana together and chatted for about two hours. Towards the end of the evening, as Jaray was looking at her phone, Tucker pulled out his gun and shot her twice in the head. The following day, Tucker, Cody and another friend helped dispose of her body. After Cody confessed all of this to police, he led them to Jaray's remains. He also agreed to testify against Tucker.

In 2015, Tucker was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cody and their other friend who helped dispose of Jaray's body pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact. Caleb was sentenced to 10 years and Cody was given a suspended sentence. [read more]

4. The Murder of Reina Swierski

Reina Swierski (pictured left) vanished on March 9th, 2005. She was reported missing by her boyfriend, Ted Mattman. Despite the fact that Reina and Ted were in a relationship, Reina was actually married to a man named Gary Swierski (pictured top right) at the time, and she lived with him and his daughter Eva Swierski at his home in Sunnyvale, California. Gary was reportedly abusive towards Reina and he was initially investigated once she was reported missing. At the time, though, investigators were unable to find any evidence of foul play.  Three years later, Reina's skull was found in a wooded area of Boulder Creek, California. Once the remains were identified, authorities immediately began investigating Reina's death as a homicide. However, they did not make any arrests at the time as they did not have any further evidence. 

Finally, in February 2011, 21 year-old Eva Swierski walked into a police station and said that she had a secret she could no longer live with. It was about her stepmother's death. Eva explained that back in 2005, when she was only 16, she lived with Gary and Reina. On the day Reina was reported missing, Eva was out of the house for most of the day, until she received a phone call from her father frantically asking her to come home. Eva complied, and when she arrived home, she saw her stepmother Reina's lifeless body in a bag on the floor. Gary explained to his daughter that he strangled Reina to death after finding out she was having an affair. According to court documents, Gary then grabbed Eva "by the shoulders and threatened to kill her if she did not assist him in disposing of the body."

Shortly after Eva's confession,  Gary was arrested and charged with Reina's murder. He went to trial in 2012, where he tried to argue that he killed his wife in self-defense. Still, it only took the jury a day to convict him on the murder charges. Gary was sentenced to 25 years to life. [read more]

3. The Murder of Mike Williams

During the late 90s-early 2000s, Denise Williams (pictured left) was having an affair with Brian Winchester (pictured right). Denise was married to Mike Williams (pictured center) when the affair began, and Brian, who was also married, happened to be one of Mike's best friends. At some point during the affair, Brian and Denise decided that they wanted to be with each other rather than their respective spouses. However, Denise refused to get a divorce because she did not want to ruin the 'perfect image' she portrayed of herself and her family. Together, Brian and Denise decided that Mike had to die in order for the two of them to be together. 

Denise and Brian set their plan in motion on December 16th, 2000. That morning, Brian took Mike duck hunting on Lake Seminole in Tallahassee, Florida. While the two were on Mike's boat in the middle of the water, Brian pushed Mike in the water and then shot him to death. He later buried him in waste near the boat landing. When Mike never returned home, Denise reported him missing--even though she knew that her husband would not be coming home. Investigators initially believed that Mike had drowned in Lake Seminole and then had been eaten by gators. Mike was then declared deceased and Denise was able to collect his large insurance policy. Then, she and Brian eventually got married.

The pair had a rocky marriage that resulted in Denise filing for divorce in 2015. Despite their issues, though, Denise and Brian always promised to keep the truth about what really happened to Mike a secret. That all changed in 2016, when Brian kidnapped Denise at gunpoint while she was behind the wheel of her car. Denise promised Brian she would not call the police if he let her go. He ended up complying, but Denise still immediately called the police and subsequently had Brian arrested for kidnapping. Denise still upheld her promise about keeping the truth about Mike's death a secret. Brian, however did not. Once he was behind bars for kidnapping Denise, he ended up confessing to Mike's murder, implicating Denise in the process. Mike's remains were found shortly thereafter, and Denise was arrested and charged for her role in the murder.

In December 2018, Denise was found guilty of all charges. She was sentenced to life in prison. 

2. The Murder of Skylar Neese
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Skylar Neese (pictured left) was murdered by two of her best friends, Rachel Shoaf (center) and Shelia Eddy (right) during the early morning hours of July 6th, 2012. Around midnight that night, Shelia and Rachel asked Skylar to sneak out of her Star City, West Virginia home to meet up with them for a joyride. Skylar accepted, and Shelia and Rachel subsequently picked her up in Shelia's car. The three girls drove around 40 miles away before parking and walking into a wooded area, where Shelia and Rachel told Skylar they'd be smoking marijuana. However, when Skylar turned her back to walk to the car, Shelia and Rachel attacked Skylar and began stabbing her to death with knives they had hidden under their shirts. The two girls then hid Skylar's body under some tree branches before disposing of their bloody clothes and heading back home. 

Over the next few months, Shelia and Rachel feigned concerned for Skylar and pleaded for her safe return on social media. The two clearly had a plan to keep what they had done a secret, but people were beginning to grow suspicious of them. Many people both online and offline were putting pressure on Shelia and Rachel, which ultimately lead to Rachel having a mental breakdown in late December 2012. She ended up receiving treatment at a mental health facility for a few days, and upon her release in January 2013, Rachel immediately confessed to police about what truly happened to Skylar. In exchange for implicating Shelia, Rachel was offered a plea deal where she would receive a 30 year sentence if she pleaded guilty. Rachel accepted the deal and was formally sentenced in 2014.

Shelia initially pleaded not guilty, but ended up switching her plea to guilty shortly before trial. She was sentenced to 20 years to life. Both Rachel and Shelia are incarcerated at the same prison and neither have revealed a true motive for killing Skylar. The only explanation they offered was simply that they "did not want to be her friend anymore."

1. The Murder of Sarah Stern

Sarah Stern (pictured center) was murdered at the age of 19 by her longtime friend Liam McAtasney (pictured right) on December 3rd, 2016. Their other friend, Preston Taylor (pictured left) was aware of Liam's plans and he actually ended up helping Liam dispose of Sarah's body hours after the murder. Liam was motivated by finances; Sarah had recently inherited money that Liam wanted to get his hands on. His plan was to strangle Sarah to death and then leave her car at the Belmar Bridge in Neptune City, New Jersey to make it look like she has jumped into the river. Liam was unable to move her on his own, so he enlisted the help of Preston. 

Two months after Sarah was reported missing, Preston admitted to police that he knew what happened. He ultimately admitted that Liam had been planning to kill Sarah for months, even though all three of them were friends--Preston had even taken Sarah to their junior prom. However, he eventually pleaded guilty for his role in Sarah's death and agreed to testify against Liam at his trial. Liam maintained a plea of not guilty, but a jury found him guilty in February 2019. Preston was sentenced to 20 years in prison while Liam was sentenced to life. [read more]

The Disappearance and Death of Danielle Griffith

image source The morning of May 17th, 2019 began as a fairly typical day in the town Tumwater, Washington. It was a partly cloudy day, and ...